Google Home Max Vs Apple HomePod: The Fight For Best Smart Speaker

Apple! The company that revolutionized the world with its first artificial intelligence voice assistant, “Siri” is sadly lacking in innovation now. It recently launched a talking speaker: Apple HomePod, which seems to be so far behind in the race of smart high-end speakers. Though the speaker constitutes built-in smart assistant, amazing sound and reasonable cost. But then Google Home Max offers several advantages at the same price. Let’s find out how Google’s Home Max is a smarter purchase than Apple’s new launch.

Because Homepod Siri Cannot Distinguish “Bruce-lee and Brusly”!

HomePod Siri is not the best that Siri has to offer and is not even remotely close to Google Assistant. Unlike iPhone’s Siri, it cannot answer basic google based information, cannot make a call or update events on calendar. While, Google assistant offers smart solution and is more flexible than Siri. It can tell you jokes, gives correct information about “Bruce-lee” and is equipped with all features, assembled in Google’s Pixel and other Google Home devices.

HomePod Siri Can Read Aloud Your Personal Messages to Anyone!

homepod siri

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Google’s Home Max not only recognizes several users but also effectively distinguish voices. On contrary, HomePod lacks Multiple voice recognition. It means that when someone in your house says, “Siri, read my recent messages”, it will read your personal texts from the devices it is paired with. Now this is infringement of your privacy and might drive you into problems.

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Google Home Max: High on Compatibility and Has Bluetooth!

Home Max can connect with any Android or iOS devices using Bluetooth and supports Multi room audio. While HomePod uses Apple’s proprietary streaming technology, AirPlay, hence, can only connect to iOS devices. With HomePod, you cannot switch to “Smart Home” as it is not compatible with most of the smart devices. Also, Homepod Siri can only take restricted messages and struggles to give correct information.

HomePod Is All About “Bass”

HomePod sounds Good but not better than Home Max. In the latest generation of smart speakers, HomePod is bit muddy and has emphasized more on deep base and boom. Some tones appear hazy and cannot serve the purpose of kickass, amazing music for a rocking party. While Home Max sound is more balanced with clear highs and details in vocal tracks, which is absent in HomePod.

Google Home Max Works with Several Streaming Services

HomePod supports Siri with limited audio sources, all of which are Apple-sponsored like iTunes music, iCloud Music library, Podcasts etc. On the other hand, Google assistant of Home Max can stream services from Youtube, Google Play Music, Spotify etc.

Home Max Google Assistant Can Tune Your Freaking Guitar!

Home Max Google assistant

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Google Home is smarter because it has the brain of Google inside it. It can access your calendar and book an event, can manage two commands together and can dictate instructions step by step. Undoubtedly, Siri is best at offering music but it struggles as a task assistant and misunderstands dictation. And the hilarious part, whenever you call Siri of the HomePod, your Apple watch or iPhone’s Siri answers.

Google Max Doesn’t Stain Your Coffee Table

When it comes to Google Home Max, it dominates over features of HomePod. It has a FM radio, a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack, has stereo speakers, a rechargeable battery and an auxiliary input. Apparently, Home Max Google’s assistant beats HomePod’ Siri at various instances esp. when it comes to “not staining” your coffee table!

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These are some of the key advantages and features of Home Max over HomePod, which we encountered while using it. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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