Google Health: A New Health Mission Is On Its Way!

After Apple Health is excelling in its health mode, Google health news is coming on its way. Whenever we want to search for anything related to health, Google is our first source of information. Be it the nearest doctor, fitness program, or learning body symptoms, we tend to search over this powerful search window. Now Google is compiling this helpful information across various services like Maps, Assistant, Fit and Smartwatches.

Dr. David Feinberg is leading Google healthcare to break health challenges using groundbreaking research and new tools.

What Is Google Healthcare Bringing ?

Partnering with doctors, nurses, and clinicians, health research is advancing to provide better care. The new tools that are on a pilot basis are made to speed up the detection of health problems and finally providing the treatment. In fact, it is said that this method is going to reduce cost, enhance the experience of patients and doctors and go in flow with the industry standards.

The most interesting aspect is the integration of Artificial Intelligence with health data when Google healthcare is concerned. This platform indeed holds the capacity to do so. So yes, Google AI healthcare is going to create a change positively.

This research is targeting life-threatening illnesses like acute kidney injuries, lung cancer, eye-diseases, metastatic breast cancer, etc.Google Health

Features Of New Tool By Google Healthcare

  • Health Information can be compiled in one single place.
  • In-built tools are present to find any health data very quickly
  • Single login space so that doctors can view all the clinical data in one place
  • Significant data like Vitals, lab reports, medications, notes, and other reports are available here.
  • Watch recent additions graphically as well as in a tabular manner
  • A smart documentation process for patients (even scanned documents can detect the information you are looking for)

How It Is Helpful?

Doctors: To deliver better and speedy healthcare, it is necessary to unify your health data. Moreover, with Google AI healthcare, it becomes easy to find various patterns and gain insights into patients’ health management.

Patients: A flexible, personalized and cost-effective care is sure shot provided to the patient with this new Google health news. AI-enabled chatbots and coordination through G-Suite, patients’ personalized services can be improved to a new level.

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Is Google Keeping Our Personal Health Information Secure ?

Well, this whole situation might bring a concern that Google already knows most of the things about us. Now, are they keeping our personal information too? But they have given a USP here.

USP: Your privacy matters to Google. New products and services are designed based on the core principle of privacy. Their top priority is information security, hence the data is absolutely encrypted.

Along with this, Google Cloud healthcare is managing secure status by keeping safe interoperability between clinicians and patients.

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What Do We Think ?

We think a new revolution is going to take place with Google Health showing a glowing face. Not only it is beneficial for doctors to keep a record of their patients but even a person can individually feel confident about knowing his body activities.

We can certainly wait for the official release of the new tool and help everyone to live the healthiest state.

Yes, we also want to know what do you think about the Google healthcare module in the comments section below. Write to us!

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