Google Fuchsia: Successor To Android?

Google has been working for years to bring new technology to life. It is a sturdy medium to provide knowledge and bring new technology to users. Not to mention its search engine, the famous Android OS or its flagship Pixel phones. Android OS is one of the best and open sources operating systems used worldwide since 2008.

According to the latest rumor going around, Google is working on a new operating system Fuchsia and according to some sources, it is going to replace Android in the coming five years. There is more to it. Some of the revelations have pointed out that there is some truth to this theory.

In this post, we will discuss what is Google Fuchsia OS and all the other speculations around it.

What is Google Fuchsia?

Google Fuchsia is a capability-based operating system which is under development by Google. It first came out of the wraps when the project appeared on GitHub in 2016. It is something different from Chrome OS and Android as these two are based on Linux Kernels. In contrary to these, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called “Zircon”

After a while, there was a code post on GitHub which indicated Fuchsia is capable to run on numerous devices, no matter what is, whether embedded systems, smartphones, tablets or PC. In 2017, Fuchsia was updated with a user interface which gives fuel to fire to the speculations about Google’s plans and the possibility of replacing Android in near future.

With news circulating about Fuchsia has never faded which points out that Google has no intentions to hide the project. However, we as an audience are in dilemma, whether Fuchsia is just an experiment or another great development by Google.

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What Are Rumors And What Are The Basis Of The Speculations?

According to various sources, Google is developing Fuchsia with an intention to replace the current platforms which include Chrome OS and Android. The aim is to put the new upcoming OS to all devices such as Home speakers, followed laptops, then smartphones in coming ten years, however, the officials haven’t commented on this.

Furthermore, it is reported that Google is attempting to get over all the issues with the current platform and software. Chrome OS and Android are based on Linux. Android has some components of Java and given the legal battle with Oracle, this is a much-needed step on part of Google. It is expected that this new OS will cover all the loopholes of all the predecessors and might be better work with voice commands and deliver fast security updates.

What Are The Possibilities?

Well, if we think about from the market perspective, Android is a well-established brand and it is accepted by all the tech giants. All the tech giants using Android with their smartphones have tested and used Android for years.

Now, with the speculations of a new operating system will not only cause disruption in the market but also will the companies to spend money and other resources to support untested and new platform. It is going to be difficult to make these hardware brands convince to invest in the venture and support it.

As Android is deeply rooted and a lot of famous brands have successfully used OS for years, it is going to be difficult for Google Fuchsia OS to make its space after replacing Android.

Is There Any Comment From Google?

Google came forward and explained that there is no five-year roadmap for Fuchsia. The project is “one of many experimental open-source projects” and there is no further timeline for this project to assimilate in future products.

Well, Google has not said anything related to the timeline but definitely, it is working on Google Fuchsia OS but when is it going to hit the market is not clear.

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