Google Fi: Your Best Travel Companion Abroad!

Before departing home to catch a flight, you are suited up along with luggage and gadgets. But if your data plans, call charges and daily contact with parents back at home hinder the amount of travel savings due to incompatible service, Google Fi is one thing that solves all your problems.

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi

Formerly called as Project Fi, it is making your mobile services better by compiling 3 major US networks (Sprint, T-mobile and US Cellular). Interestingly, your phone chooses the best data at the moment of reception and switches in between them. Moreover, it is also efficient in using public Wi-Fi to make calls and send messages.

Compatible Setback: Yeah, it sets up some restrictions including its usage on only Google Pixel phones like Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Nexus 5X and above, Moto G6 and above, Moto X4, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ.

Talk About Companionship

Now that you are flying away to a new country, no need to go through various offers and cheap plans by different mobile service providers. But how Google Fi or Project Fi will travel comfortably with you?

Talk About Companionship

1. 4G Data At Bargained Prices

Every day, we rely on our data plans for various activities already. Think about the time when you are traveling, as you need to surf Google Maps, Messenger apps, and browsers for timely information. And Google Fi acts as your savior with a basic plan including $10 per GB for the first 6 GB and unlimited data afterward.

Though this plan comes down to 2G after using 15 GB per service line, you can renew them as required.

Whereas if you choose to stay away from Project Fi and go for individual plans, some fee will be charged every day and considerably less data is delivered. So, choose the better option of course!

We believe you want to keep an eye on your data usage from time to time so as to save for the rest of the day, even though you carry Google Fi or not. Load up with Systweak Check Data Usage that monitors the data as well as alert you before it reaches its final limit.

4G Data At Bargained Prices

Check out screenshot of the app below.

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 2. Make Calls At Discounted Rate

The good news is that all the countries that support Fi work with one rate i.e. $0.20 per minute. This price is quite low as compared to what individual networks provide. Though some networks like Verizon or T-Mobile are offering unlimited calls using a data pass ($5-$10 per line), it is best to use Google Fi if the duration of calls remains less than an hour.

Moreover, you can also make calls using Wi-Fi which would not even cost a single penny! So, if you are saving money to explore some more places around the new destination, better stick to Fi.

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3.  Send Free Texts

You might not be a regular text message user after being a part of the messenger world yet sending a single message to your family regarding whereabouts is content enough for both. Now, if you are thinking that even Verizon and Sprint are providing free messages to an extent, let us tell you that data pass and the daily fee is required to be paid.

Hence, if you visit the countries that support the app (which is more than 170), consider yourself lucky!

4. Hold The Services Today & Re-Activate Again

 This app sounds perfect for all those who travel regularly and wish to reconnect with their International internet, calls and free messages once again. Though you can pause this service only for up to 3 months, you will not be charged for any unused services. Consider this as the best international mobile services plan and stay free from the stress of buying any prepaid card or new number.

5. Automatic Secure Wi-Fi Connection

It is a well-known fact that connecting to any open wi-fi exposes you to the risk of getting hacked. But to save you from such a situation, free VPN by Project Fi encrypts your data. So now you open any website & your IP will not get exposed to any middle man who wishes to intercept the information.

We are already aware of the use of VPN these days, well you are already equipped with one using Fi!

Travel Care-Free

Now that your mobile phone services are quite sorted using Google Fi, spend your vacation or business meetings in leisure. We believe that various new updates like 5G support and another mobile phone’s compatibility will also be seen in the near future. So, install it today and enjoy a great time at the new destination.

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