Google Duplex’s Web Version Launched: Here’s Everything You Can Do!

Technology has come a long way—indeed! It has actually become a metonym for “getting things done”. From booking a cab ride to ordering food from our restaurants, technology plays a constant role in simplifying our everyday tasks. And this race of making things simpler, voice assistants act as our guiding companion.

But as technology is getting more innovative with each passing day, Google took an initiative to introduce a new concept known as Google Duplex that makes our voice assistant experience much more “humanly”. Google Duplex is purely an Artificial Intelligence-based service through which one can interact, make reservations, book appointments, and get things done on your behalf via robotic conversations.

Google Duplex was initially announced at Google’s IO conference held last year in 2018 by the CEO, Sundar Pichai. Although, since then the service was in the testing and development phase and is finally making its debut today.

Google Duplex is Now on Web!

Google Duplex’s Web Version
Image Source: Android Authority

Google Duplex is finally out of the curtains. Yes, that’s right! In case, you missed catching today’s headline let us fill you. Google Duplex is finally making its official launch, and we can now book movie tickets, and do a lot more with the help of this AI-powered smart assistant.

Wondering How Google Duplex Is Different From Google Assistant?

Well, both Google Assistant and Google Duplex share a common objective that allows us to get things done easily on our behalf. But Google Duplex offers a more personalized approach and helps us place robotic calls on our behalf.

Google Duplex Is Different From Google Assistant
Image Source: Webs Favorite

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose, you want to make a reservation for dinner at a nearby restaurant at 8 PM. Here comes the fun part! To use Google Duplex for booking reservations, all you have to say is “Hey Google, call and book a table for two people for today at . Google Assistant will then make a call at the respective restaurant and will interact with the person-in-charge on your behalf with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Book Movie Tickets with Google Duplex

Book Movie Tickets with Google Duplex
Image Source: 9 to 5 Google

In case, you’re wondering how to use Google Duplex, then it’s a fairly simple job. Google Duplex made its official launch today, and we can now book movie tickets. Although, currently this feature is only live in the UK and US regions, but will be soon rolled out to other countries as well.

Google Duplex allows you to interact with the interface, just like how you converse with your friends or family. You can browse through various movie showtimes, select a movie and your seats, and book your movie tickets by simply talking to your Google Assistant.

Rather than making third-party app interactions, you can simply use Google’s assistant to book your movie tickets. Awesome, right?

As we mentioned earlier, Google Duplex is only operative in selected regions of the US and UK but it will soon increase their reach in other countries as well.

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Is Google Duplex Better than Google Assistant?

The point where your imagination ends what a Google Assistant can do, this is where exactly Google Duplex steps in. Google Duplex goes far beyond speech! You can think of Google Duplex as an advanced and extended version of Google Assistant who understands you better. You can navigate through apps and web pages, fill out forms, get things done by simply talking to Google Assistant.

Is Google Duplex Better than Google Assistant
Image Source: Techcrunch

Also, Google Duplex tries to make the robotic calls more natural and human-like based on Artificial Intelligence technology. And for this, Google Duplex even includes jargons like “hmm”, “err” or “umm” to sound more real.

So, are you looking forward to using Google Duplex? Excited, eh? Can you trust this AI yet? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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