Google Doc Add-Ons To Make Your Life Easy

If you are a writer like me, you probably use Google Doc the whole day. It has made our lives, so simple, isn’t it? You write stuff and share it across with people without a hassle. Adding extensions or add-ons to Google Docs is simple, and there are tons and tons of them.

Just a small recap of what Google doc add ons are, in case you are new to the concepts.

What Is A Google Doc Add on?

These are the apps that are used directly with your Google Document so that you can enhance your productivity. They work on the same lines just as browser extensions. These are mostly third-party applications, which provide additional features to Google Docs.

What Kind Of Add Ons Do I Get On Google Doc?

Best Google Doc Extensions

1. Goophy – Adding GIFs To Your Docs Was Never This Easy


Rating: 4.2

Adding animated GIFs to your blogs can add another level of wit, fun and humour to your blogs. They even make your blogs more readable and more interesting. But, don’t want to add GIF’s goes down the drain when we have to crawl from browser to browser, from tabs to tabs to search for GIFs. Goophy is a Google Doc add on that lets you have all GIFs at one place. What’s even better? The search that Goophy provides is powered by none other than GIF powerhouse Tenor. Once, you have chosen your desired GIF; it would only take a click

Get It From Here

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2. LanguageTool – Proofreading Was Never This Simple


 Rating: 4.0

Here’s your good old spell and grammar check or wait! This Google Doc Add On goes ways above a normal grammar and spell checker.  To begin with, it supports over 25 languages and can be a great companion, especially if you are a non-native speaker. It lays down all the documents in your mistakes at once, and you can correct them immediately. The Google Doc Add on apart from being a spell and grammar checker also doubles up as a full-fledged dictionary as well.

Get It From Here

3. Mail Merge – Send Right Emails To Right People In A Jiffy

Mail Merge

 Rating: 4.1

You’ve drafted a beautiful mail – could be a birthday greeting, an impeccable cover letter, a decent payment reminder for clients or anything for that matter. Good! Comes the next step, you have to shoot it across hundreds of recipients. Sounds complicated, does it? Not for a  Google Doc Add on like Mail Merge which efficiently uses the data from your Google Sheet and merge fields throughout your message and sends relevant data to each intended individual.

Get It From Here

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4. SEO Writing Assistant From SEO Rush

SEO Writing Assistant

 Rating: 3.9

If you write content like me, you would want it to be optimized in a fashion that it appears in the top searches. How about, empowering your document with a Google Doc extension that takes the pain of going through the best-performing blogs and articles? Sounds like magic, right? SEO Writing Assistant from SEMRush is the magician we are talking about. From keywords to readability score, to plagiarism, it leaves no parameter unturned and unchecked.  And, last but not the very least, it even checks your links for any possible error.

Get It From Here

5. EasyBib Bibliography Creator

EasyBib Bibliography Creator

Rating:  3.7

How often are you required to cite resources in your document? If you are into research or writing essays or even informative blogs, citations are probably as important to you as life itself. That’s when EasyBib proves to be a life-saving Google Doc add ons for writers. Not just it helps you cite sources in your document but even enables you to sort them, cite them and even alphabetize them in Chicago, APA and MLA format as well. And, once you are okay with the format, you can add it at the end of your document and that too in a matter of clicks.

Get It From Here

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How Did You Like This Added Power?

The Google Doc extensions we have listed above are some of the most popular and highest rated extensions. It goes without saying that if you are someone who has to spend a significant part of the day, punching words on Google Doc, the above extensions will surely be a great weapon. We are so sure that you will now be able to draft your documents even better with the above mentioned Google Doc add ons.

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