Google Cloud Gaming Service Gets A Name, Stadia

Google has been working on launching its cloud gaming service for a while. Finally, it has disclosed the name of the same, Stadia, which was launched at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco yesterday. Google also announced the Stadia Controller along with it.

What Is Google’s Plan For Stadia?

 Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Stadia on Tuesday 19 March and described it as a scaffold for everyone. The aim of this video game streaming platform is being able to stream games to all kinds of devices. It will stream games from cloud to Chromecast, Chrome browser and Pixel Devices.  By 2019, it will be available in Canada, the US, Europe and UK. As per Phil Harrison, a former Microsoft and Sony official explained that Google will use YouTube and other creators (who has created game clips for the service) to augment Stadia.

Google also exhibited a new feature on YouTube which allows previewing a game clip from a creator and then click Play Now to stream it.

Another feature “Crowd Play” let gamers join YouTubers & start playing with them, while they are streaming.

According to Harrison, “Stadia offers instant access to play,” without downloading or installing games. When the service will be launched, it will allow users to stream games on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and TVs.

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How Is It Different From Others?

This gaming developing studio will help the game move between phone, tablet or TV. The USB controllers available now only work on a PC or a laptop. Google has announced a new Stadia Controller which will power Stadia.

It seems to be a hybrid of the PS4 controller and an Xbox and it will act with Stadia on Wifi to relate it to a gaming session in the cloud. The feature will supposedly help seamless moving of the game from one device to another. Also, with a button on it, it lets you capture and share clips on YouTube. It will also have a button to activate Google Assistant.

Google is taking advantage of its data centres across the world to make sure servers to which a player connects should be in proximity, which will affect latency. Google said that it also anticipates being compatible with 4K at 60 fps at the time of launch across an internet connection with bandwidth  25Mbps approx. However, the future plan is to support  120fps bandwidth and 8K resolutions.

With 10.7 teraflops Power,  Stadia seems to be a sturdy opponent for Xbox(6 teraflops)  and PS4 Pro(4.2 teraflops).

What Is In It For Developers?

 Google introduced a machine learning-based style transfer tool. With this tool, Game developers will be able to use their design style to titles on Stadia. Developers will just have to drop an image into video frames of games and allow it to duplicate the style everywhere.

Also, with State Share, Google enables players to share moments, in which you send a part of the game by sharing an exact link with others.

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What Is The Role Of YouTube?

Google is trying to expand the horizon of gaming by pushing game freaks towards its cloud service. Therefore, YouTube is an important part of Stadia. Google has come up with an idea on the basis of statistics in 2018. According to it, 50 billion hours of gaming content was viewed on YouTube during the year.

That’s the reason, Google is enabling users to capture, highlight and share directly on YouTube.

So far, there is no news when in 2019, the service would be available for users. Also, Google didn’t disclose the prices for the service.

Google has just given an edge by announcing one of the biggest cloud gaming services. The aim of the Stadia and the use of YouTube in it could take the gaming platform far. We wish Google luck and also are excited to see what other gaming platforms will do to counter it.

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