Google Chromebook- A Perfect Combo of Mac & Windows

While Microsoft and Apple are going crazy updating and renovating their operating systems Google’s Chrome OS is slowly but steadily gaining ground among users. Chromebooks were launched as a cheaper alternative to laptops. Of course, it had its limits but that didn’t stop the sleek laptops from making inroads into the market. In 2016, Google has scaled up the Chromebook’s functionality to give further tighten the noose around Microsoft and Apple. Here’s how:

  • Build Quality

Many opt Mac for its build quality but now you’ll have another alternative with a secure, fast and automated build. Chromebooks will have an automatic updater to keep the system up-to-date and virus free. Google also promises it’ll remain steady and smooth even after years of usage.

  • Compatible with Play Store

Chromebook is compatible with Google Play Store, making it accessible for users to run any Android app on the laptop. In addition to this, many of the Google apps will come as built-in apps. These include Google Maps, Drive, Gmail, Hangout, Photos, Docs, Movies, and lot more. Along with these, Google will offer new and canny features in these apps in order to make user-experience even better. We expect Chromebook to be the perfect laptop for Android lovers.

  • Processor

Several versions of Chromebook are designed and available. Almost all of them are seamless when it comes to processor and working. However, the best amongst these high-ended laptops is Chromebook 13. Its configurations use an Intel 6th Generation “Skylake” Core M5 processor and 8GB of RAM. These computers also have long lasting battery life that can last for 7 to 9 hours in a single charge.

  • Inbuilt

Chromebook is designed with several interesting inbuilt features. It has built-in Google apps, cloud storage, security, updates, and internet connectivity. These have much faster speed than others in the lot. Unlike others, it also offers 3G connectivity, free Gogo Inflight passes and offline apps (other operating systems use software instead) when users aren’t connected to the server.

  • Easy Sharing

You can easily share your Chromebook with anyone. Create multiple user profiles on it and share your computer with many. While you’ll be sharing your laptop with others, it also ensures safety and privacy of your profile along data stored on it. Other users can login with Guest Mode, which doesn’t share other user’s data with the guest. This mode also deletes browsing history when guest users log out.

  • Management Console

Chromebook supports several management functionalities. You can have control of user access and customize installed apps into blacklist and whitelist. In addition to this, you can also configure network access, create multiple user groups and also personalize features for each user.

  • Image Editor

Chromebook will offer you great image and video editors, a feature not available with Windows and Mac. You can edit any of your photos with Pixlr Editor and videos with Stupeflix or YouTube Video Editor. This feature is available in Mac and now in Chromebook. Microsoft hasn’t enabled this feature for Windows users yet.

In addition to these 7 features, Chromebook will also help you have amazing gaming experience. Most of your Android games are compatible with Google Chromebook. However, some games are available with different titles or aren’t available altogether. Like, it has Bejeweled and Cut the Ropes but you’ll have to look up for them in Chrome Web Store.

In all, Chromebook is a great combination of Windows and Mac. Tight security and high-ended specifications are made available to users at a reasonable price. Chrome OS is already supported by brands like HP, Acer, Xolo and more in case someone is not so keen on Chromebook.

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