Google, Apple Will Shut Down COVID-19 Tracking Tool Once Pandemic Ends

Contact tracing app developed by Google and Apple to inform people if they have met a COVID-19 is a temporary measure, and it will be shut down once the pandemic is dealt with.

Recently Google and Apple joined hands to develop the COVID-19 contact tracing app. Both companies said, to help people in this time of crises they are building a tracing app that will use Bluetooth technology.  But after a few days of announcing the app, they now say they will discontinue the Bluetooth interoperability app after everything gets back to normal. This means once the pandemic is in control the app will shut down.

But Why Are They Planning To Discontinue The App?

Certainly, during this time the app is like a boon, a ray of hope. But the news about it shutting down comes as a shock. Rumours are that both Google and Apple decided to kill the app due to privacy concerns.

There are people who worry about data safety and they don’t want anyone to collect and use data for their benefit. To make them believe that the app is just for the purpose of helping people both the companies decided to discontinue it.

Is This The Only Reason Or There Is More Than It Meets The Eye?

Before we had contact tracing apps, health care workers deployed manual methods to identify the victims. But with an app like this, it will be easy to know about a COVID-19 positive person.

Indeed, this is great, as it will save time and will be more accurate. But we cannot ignore the fact that companies will keep device logs. Even though they will be kept temporarily, if this or any other collected data is used beyond contact tracing then things might get complex.

Also, the app works best when more and more people use it. Keeping this fact in mind governments can force their people to use it. If this is the case, no one knows how things will pan out. In places like Wuhan, China, Singapore, Canada the government is still using contact tracing apps to track and identify people. All this has raised red flags therefore, both companies unanimously decided to kill the app.

What Does Disabling Contact Tracing Tools Mean?

Google and Apple have said nothing about it. For example, they haven’t said if the app will be completely taken off or will be used if there is a second wave. Until all this is clear we cannot say what will be the future of contact tracing apps.

This makes one thing clear: some use technology to help people but there are people who always try to take advantage. To stop such people a measure like killing the app once the purpose is attained is a great step. I think the decision made by both companies is commendable.

But everyone has a different opinion. What do you have to say about this? Do leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

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