Google annual conference 2016 – Meet the Google’ smarter assistant, Allo, and Duo

Google unveiled a number of major announcements and new products at its annual developer conference, I/O2016.

It’s chatty assistant answers to the queries with a more human voice; the messenger Allo and Echo-like speaker Home gave wings to Google’s plan to take on at its rivals. The smart Google assistant will complete your task with the voice command and Duo will let you know what’s going on at the other end before placing a video call.

Google also announced improvements to Android N, though its name has not been revealed yet! A VR platform into OS and a smart way to run Android apps without downloading anything sounds fascinating.

If you missed out what was announced at Google’s annual event, then we’ve rounded up everything of importance here.

Daydream VR

Google named its mobile VR platform as Daydream. It will be fabricated on Android N. This announcement will significantly foster the development in the field of virtual reality in future. The major aspects to Daydream are correct smartphone specifications, correct headsets, and the compatible apps.

daydream in google IO 2016

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It’s a new messaging app launched by Google. It has inbuilt Google Assistant into it. It will be available for iOS and Android also later this summer.

Allo is a French word which means, “Hello”.  It is the smartest messenger which will let users chat and simultaneously use Google Assistant as an alternative to third-party apps.

Allo Google New App

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It possesses fascinating features like Whisper Shout to make chatting interesting. Google ensured the security by offering an incognito mode and end to end encryption in the chat process.


Duo, a video messaging app has been introduced to accompany Allo. It has an engaging feature called “Knock-Knock” that lets users preview what’s happening at the callers’ end before the time call is made. This means that when a call is ringing, you can actually see what’s happening on the other end before you place the call. Sounds great!

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Android N

Android N, yes the name has not been revealed yet! Android to begin with, will support Vulkan graphics API for mobile to upgrade GPU component of the chipset in order to give a better gaming performance. It has Just in Time compiler to ensure the boost in app installation process.

Know more here Android N developer Preview and Features

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It has got Recents menu feature to view the last seven opened apps, Clear All button, Quick Switch to access the last used app by tapping twice on Recents screen. It will give better productivity as well as security.

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Google Home

Google has launched Google Home to give its competitors a tough competition. Google Home is a small device which will run on Google Assistant. It will act as a control center for homes and the voice will function as the remote control. Setting alarms, managing to-do- list, connecting smart home will be a child’s game with Google Home.

Google Home for users

Google Assistant

Google has announced a powerful search assistant that will not only provide relevant search results but will also suggest answers to follow-up questions. It is similar to the concept that Google Now uses. The service is already incorporated in Google’s new smart messaging app Allo. Google Assistant will pick words from your conversations and will provide you suggestions.

Google Assistant

Android wear

Android wear has been introduced with some changes. First of all, users can now make data from any app appearing on any watch face. Secondly, it ensures that watches do not depend on their phones. Third, it introduced well-developed API for complications.

android wear by google in 2016

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The Complications API allows app developers to pass unprocessed data to watch faces. Surprisingly, Google came up with two new input methods, namely, a little swipe-style keyboard and a handwriting recognition mode.

Running Android apps without downloading them

It is always a point of concern for companies that how they can improve the browsing experience on mobile.

Google has taken a step ahead and launched Android Instant Apps for the same purpose. It will help developers to modify their apps for the program. It will be rolled out to users later this year.

Seeing these products through won’t be easy. Messaging app, VR, and smart assistants are what engaging users towards themselves. Well, we got to have a closer look soon at these products so as to experience their real power. Stay tuned!

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