Get The Most Out Of IGTV, Instagram’s New Video Feature

Today, Instagram has become a Global Community of one Billion monthly active users! The photo & video sharing app owned by Facebook is making noise this week with its unexpected and outstanding features. The announcements made by Zuckerberg at F8 Conference is finally coming to a reality.

Features like adding Topic Channel Section, Video Chat, AR Filters, integration with third-party apps for making stories more interactive, Anti-bullying filter and much more were embarked at the conference. But the latest launch of IGTV was truly unexpected. So, what does this feature do? Read on to meet your curiosity!


Debut of Instagram’s IGTV

Kevin Systrom CEO of Instagram announces IGTV at a live event in San Francisco.

From traditional TV to YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live and even Instagram, it’s no doubt that videos have become staple of our everyday lives. But how we watch it, is CHANGING, an entirely new section devoted to Videos. With the vision to provide users a brand-new experience to watch and share videos and most importantly to have a quality content.

Instagram launches IGTV.

IGTV is a platform to watch long vertical videos from your favorite channels. Unlike regular Instagram videos which are limited to one minute, here you can upload videos up to an hour long. (A Big Jump, though!)

This move has been considered to beat YouTube, Instagram’s biggest competitor in term of engaging users.

Debut of Instagrams IGTV
Image Source: Cosmopolitan
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Get Started with IGTV: Tips & Tricks

Instagram wanted to tap into the popularity of video content so it introduced IGTV. Read further various tips how you can get started with the Trend!

  • Explore Great Content

As IGTV promises to bring curated good content for users. Get start with IGTV’s “For You” section which delivers content from the people who you follow.

Under “Popular” section you can see trending videos and also access videos which you were previously watching, just tap on “Continue watching” option to do so.

Also, you can search for famous profiles to consume great content under “Search” tab.

Explore Great Content instagram
Image Source: BBC
  • Incorporate Other Apps

Instagram suggests making your videos more innovative, get help of other apps such as Filmic Pro, InShot etc. which can help you to adjust frame rates, shutter speed and other elements of your video.

  • Forget the Traditional Landscape Mode

Unlike other video sharing platforms which supports the traditional mode, get evolved with IGTV that supports vertical videos. As IGTV is all about Vertical videos. The ideal aspect ratio to consider is 9:16 or dimensions 1080 px by 1920 px.

Try avoiding distractions in the background. Keep the video simple with ample lightning.

igtv upload guideline
Image Source:YouTube
  • Manage Video Playback

Control your video settings by-

–       Tap on right side, to fast forward

–       Tap on Left side, to rewind

  • Video Ideas

You can use IGTV to create Tutorials, Educational Videos, Product Demos, Events, Launch parties and much more. Upload unique, fun and interesting videos to captivate larger audiences.

div video ideas
Image Source: DIY Somo
  • Have Your Own Channel

Quite similar to YouTube, own your channel to gain more followers.

Have Your Own Channel
Image Source: Plann
  • Shoot>Edit>Upload

Follow the basic shooting tips: Check of background, check of Subject, take care of margins, Lighting, use of tripod and other accessories.

Once shoot is done, pick an editing software for you such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro and add other elements to make your video more interactive.

Now the time to upload 😉 IGTV supports up to 1-hour long video clip.

You will find instructions below on “How to upload videos on IGTV?”

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How to create your own IGTV Channel?

The new IGTV caters more long-form videos has dedicated stand-alone app.

Before you get started with IGTV, you need to create your own channel and how do you do that? Follow the given steps:

Step 1- Launch the updated version of Instagram App.

Step 2- Tap on IGTV icon at the top right corner, next to the DM icon.

welcome to igtv

Step 3- Click on Gear Icon, a popup will appear which has two options- ‘Create Channel’ and ‘Cancel’. You know where to click! (ha ha)

igtv upload video

Step 4- Click on ‘Next’ and Done! Your Channel is created. Start uploading videos!

create your own IGTV channel

Note: This app has been discontinued.

How to Upload Videos on IGTV?

Now you have created your own channel, it’s time to upload some quality content. Follow the steps:

Step 1- Launch IGTV, and slide up to see your profile icon.

welcome as new
(The app version looks like this)

Step 2-  Click on the profile icon and tap on “+” symbol at the right corner.

igtv live video

Step 3-  Allow permissions to the app, and select the video you want to upload.

Tap ‘Next’ and add strong title, description and cover image to your video.

allow permission and other IGTV

How to remove videos on IGTV?

In case you want to delete a video from your channel, then:

Step 1- Again launch the IGTV.

Step 2- Scroll up, and below your profile you will see your uploaded videos.

Step 3-  Select the video you want to remove and tap on “Three dots” icon.

remove video igtv

Step 4- Click on ‘Delete’!

delete instagram igtv video

Step 5- Again, a popup menu will appear, which will ask you for your confirmation to delete the video. Tap Delete once again!  And whoosh you have successfully removed a video from your channel!

delete video on igtv

Wrap Up

IGTV definitely looks a promising platform. It will be very exciting to see how IGTV turns out to be an engaging feature for Instagram. So, Shoot, Edit & Upload Videos!  It’s time to stand out in the world of IGTV!

If you want to learn more tips, go through This!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below, what do you think about Instagram’s IGTV.

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