Games That Become Even Better with Mods

Although consoles are a great way to enjoy games without worrying much about your GPU capabilities, unlike a PC. Nevertheless, there are several games that are far more enjoyable on a PC than any console. We certainly don’t mean that consoles are inferior to PC. But every sensible gamer would agree that PC games can offer a lot of fun as they could be modified in several ways. Game modding basically refers to custom modifications done to change various aspects in a game that alters its appearance, behavior and several gameplay changes and bug fixes. While there are plenty of mod-friendly computer games one can find, there are some titles that become exceptionally better and more fun with the addition of mods. So, if you like to add custom content in PC games, here are some games that will keep you busy for years.

  • GTA 4


Released for PC (Windows) in 2008, Grand Theft Auto 4 is certainly no slave to introductions. It is one of the highest selling game series of all time and GTA 4 picks up exactly from where San Andreas left off. While the gameplay and graphics were praised by all, the Windows version was certainly the best with the addition of custom mods. You could add new character skins, weapons, gameplay enhancements, super powers and a gun that shoots vehicles instead of bullets. What more could one ask for?!

  • Fallout New Vegas


The post-apocalyptic Action RPG series Fallout has been known among fans for its extensive mod support. But the best in the series is certainly Fallout: New Vegas that provides a wholesome gaming experience. However, it simply exceeds every gamer expectation with the addition of mods that changes almost every single game element including player moves, models, graphics, weapons and story. A Tale of Two Wastelands even adds several missions from Fallout 3 seamlessly creating an exceptional open world action game.

  • SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition


Sure, it was released back in 2003. But that doesn’t mean SimCity 4 could be called primitive even by today’s standard. With dedicated community support with hundreds of active modelers, SimCity 4 is one of the most detailed city building and management games you could ever play. Mods include building models (including real-life buildings from around the world), bugfixes, gameplay mods, tools and graphical improvements. Even though we have games like Cities: Skylines that run much smoothly on modern machines, they still cannot hold a candle to SimCity 4 when it comes to graphical realism.

  • Resident Evil 4


If there’s one game that can make you fall in love with modding, it must be Resident Evil 4 PC. While the game itself is a classic and the best in series, its PC port was not well received by fans due to its inferior game engine compared to GameCube port. But it received a cult following due to its highly mod friendly engine. It had active support from several modding communities from across the globe with mods that changed the game environments, gameplay, character skins, weapon models, enemies and game music etc.

  • Empire: Total War


Another great game on its own, Empire: Total War is one of the most detailed, point and click war strategy games to surface. Its graphics and gameplay were already advanced for its time, but modding made it even better. The best mods you can get, is certainly the ‘Third Age’ mod that changes the game into a beautiful looking RTS game based on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. It uses the game’s engine perfectly to allow players to command massive armies of humans or orcs and raging battles as depicted in the Peter Jackson movies.

Surely the video game industry is bigger than ever with VR and AR technologies and next generation consoles. But custom content created by dedicated communities of modders and game enthusiasts is something that only PC gamers can enjoy. If you feel we’ve missed out on an important title, please feel free to provide your suggestion in comments.

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