Futuristic High Tech Gadgets For Your Home – Part III

We all love these new and intuitive gizmos that have been designed in a way to automate our old gadgets in homes. But, people are also equally loving the brand-new gadgets offering you help in more interesting ways. These gadgets equipped with smart technologies allows us to control our lives more efficiently and productively. Though these gadgets are automated but, they do have the option of taking commands as per your requirement.

We have seen 20 such gadgets in the previous 2 blogs on “Get these Futuristic Gadgets for your Homes – And Get the feel of Futuristic Homes”. And I had said that I have collected a long list of gadgets. In this blog, I would continue with my list.

List of Futuristic Home Gadgets:-

  1. Milkmaid


Image Source :- images.britcdn.com

How many of you know what is the smell of a fresh milk and of spoiled milk? I guess very few of us know that. Well, we have a smart jug to keep a check on milk and let us know by SMS. It is equipped with sensors like GSM radio and an antenna. It also has a SIM card and rechargeable battery. It monitors the milk spoilage level using pH sensors. And keeps you informed via smartphone app if you’re not at home.

  1. Self-Cleaning Auto-Ordering Fridge


Image Source :- i.dailymail.co.uk

Tell me one thing, how many of you clean your fridge every month? Most of probably don’t even remember when was the last time you did it! Most of us do this task every 3 or 4 months. But how about you don’t do this at all. Scientists at University of Central Lancashire developed a Self-Cleaning Auto-ordering Fridge and an online supermarket Ocado. It is a clever digital refrigerator which does a lot of work for you.

It has built-in scanners to scan the food kept inside and identify what is in stock, what has gone bad, what it needs to order and much more. It orders food from the connected online supermarket. It even suggests the recipes of food that you could prepare from the ingredients present in the fridge.

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  1. Aeroball


Image Source :- images.britcdn.com

Aeroball is a collection of luminescent, hovering balls that can filter and fragrance the air in a room. The climate and air around us is changing constantly. The changes in the urban air quality has become a major concern for many people due to health-related issues. People would love to get something that would help them keeping the atmosphere of their home clean and healthy like country.

Aeroball has given one such solution, and it is the winner of the 2012 Design Lab Competition. It is designed by Jan Anjiersztajn. The technology is in the Concept stage. Aeroball is like a glowing shell of spherical shape which absorbs light during the day and radiates at night. These balls drift down to the floor when they need to be replaced else they keep floating using the helium.

  1. Nano Garden


Image Source :- static1.squarespace.com

The Hyundai has developed a solution for city dwellers and suburbanites to have a Kitchen Garden of their own without having access to lawns, rooftop gardens or plant-friendly fire escape. The Kitchen Nano Garden Concept by Hyundai is a great way for growing a vegetable garden right in your kitchen without the help from sun or rain.

The device has tiered metal shelving, climate controlled panels, purposefully-directed lumens, and an attachment to a water source to have your own indoor vegetable garden. The water, light and nutrient supply could be controlled by you depending on how quickly you want your vegetables to grow. It will also alert you about whether the garden needs water, light or nutrient.

  1. Bediator


Image Source :- images.britcdn.com

Bediator is an intelligent heating system bed and radiator to keep you all geared up for Winters. This could be of a great value for the people living in cold countries. This system is designed to maintain a warm and healthy environment in your room. It not just reduces the expense on the fuel bills of the conventional radiator but is very energy efficient.

Bediator is in the form of stylish retractable floor which provides a cozy space for you to lay down comfortably and can be activated through a single push of button on the side. This is a dual system with a green hole on the side which circulates the cool air during summer and warm air in the winters to give you a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

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  1. Memory


Image Source :- ic.pics.livejournal.com

There are many of us who cannot start their mornings without their perfect morning coffee, at least I can’t. And expecting the perfect coffee from the barista is a tough task. But how about having a barista of your own which remembers the perfect combination for your coffee.

Memory is the perfect gadget for all those people like me. It remembers your coffee by your palmprint. You can set it to your preference whether weak, medium or strong coffee and even an Expresso to a Ristretto. This coffee maker is Wen Yao Cai. It was among the top ten finalist entry of Electrolux Design Lab, 2012.

  1. SOMA


Image Source :- ifitshipitshere.com

SOMA is the most innovative water filter of the present. It is made from Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic. Everybody freaks out seeing the black spots on the Brita filter.

Soma water filter carafe has been thoughtfully designed, from its easy to grasp hourglass shape to its fridge-friendly size. It removes chlorine from water making it to taste pure and delicious.

  1. Water Shade


Image Source :- socialdesignmagazine.com

We all like eating fruits fresh, but it’s tough to go to market every-day to get the fresh fruits. And it’s equally difficult to keep the fruits fresh at home. Yitu Wang invented this gadget to keep the fruits fresh and clean. As evident by the name, the device keeps a shield of water around the fruit that are kept in the plate. It comprises of both a dish and a cover, working with water to keep the freshness and O2 inside and everything out. The device forms the shade all around the plat of the water and as soon as someone approaches to grab any fruit the stream in that area stops.

  1. The dividing Printer


Image Source 1 :- imgs.technologywow.com


Image Source 2 :- my.ifdesign.de

Till date printers just allow you to collate prints from different systems. And there are chances that paper from one system’s print lands itself in the wrong pile. The new concept in printers is Dividing Printer that does something simple as its name suggests but does it in the smart way. In this the printer is mounted on the rail and trails left or right on the rail while printing documents. In this way, the printer creates the actual, physical piles of paper that have been segregated from the get go. This new concept of printer doesn’t change the job of the printer instead just adds a bit of innovation to check prints doesn’t get mixed.

I guess the last 3 blogs gave you ample number of gadgets to select from to equip your homes with to give it a futuristic look. And this becomes more important since, high-tech gadgets are becoming an indispensable part of our everyday life. These cool technology advances, constantly amazes us and makes us fond of them. Tell me which all you like the most in the comments below.

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