Futuristic High Tech Gadgets For Your Home – Part 1

The last 5 years have seen a tremendous development in terms of gadgets and gizmos. They have become a very essential part of our daily tasks. With every technological advancement, we witness some new gadget or the other.

In our previous blogs, we saw some futuristic gadgets for students, professionals and future offices. In this piece, we would give you a lowdown on high-tech gadgets for your homes. Some of these are already available for you to purchase and some in this list are concept gadgets which are still in development.

So, here you go…

  1. Transparent TV –

This TV has been designed by Michael Friebe. This design is the next big thing in TV viewing. Transparent TV is an invisible flat screen that blends into the home environment. The transparent TV is also referred to as Loewe Invisio. This television concept was a big hit on the 2011 IF Concept Design competition. The television display pops to life when you hit the power button and instantly disappears when you shut it off.


Image Source: oled-a.org

  1. Floor Plan Switch –

When we talk of lights, you all would agree with me on one thing that we have come a long way. From natural light, candles to the colorful LED lights controlled by mobiles, lighting technology has come a long way. Everyone faces the gaggle of light switches placed in a long row in a new house or office without any labelling. And it takes ages to remember the order of lighting arrangement!

One of the product designers at Yanko Design and the internationally recognized design firm, Taewon Hwang came up with a brilliant idea about placing modern switches. The idea is to put all the switches into one plate with replication of the floor plan superimposed on it. This reduces the guesswork makes it much easier to remember which switch is meant for which light.


Image Source: homeandecoration.com

  1. The RIMA Lamp –

Well, this is a very interesting lamp because of its unique way of controlling the lights via the four controller rings. This beautiful desk lamp has been created by Matthias Pinkert, which also includes a processor to control heat, intensity, angle of the beam and color. RIMA, as per ancient mythology means a good spirit of light. This lamp is a true symbolization of its name, as it sheds warm-white light of high-quality and is based on the LED technology.

There are in total 56 LEDs in the light strip. The four controller rings work as a light switch and the part between the pair is illuminated as soon as it is pulled open, without any intermediate steps.


Image Source: www.ippinka.com

  1. Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System –

As it is rightly said, “Cleanliness is close to godliness”. At the time of epidemics, it becomes more important to not only keep your surroundings clean but also to check that you don’t get in contact with the bacteria/virus. One of the breeding grounds for germs, most of us don’t pay attention to cleaning of the Door Knobs and Handles. Self-Sterilizing Door Handles takes care of it! It was the winning entry of the Red Dot Design Concept.

This special Door handle uses UV light for sterilizing the handle bar. The working of the handle is very simple. In idle condition, the UV light continuously sterilizes the handle. When anyone pushes the handle to open the door, the UV light goes off for that moment and turns on when the handle is back to the idle position.


Image Source: yankodesign.com

  1. Senzo Night Light –

One thing which annoys and scares many of us is getting up in the middle of the night and not finding the light switch. Senzo Night Light is the best buy for everyone who have this predicament.

Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia have created this wonderful night light which lights up on touching it. This light is fitted 80 centimeters above the floor in the wall so, that everyone from kids to adult can get it conveniently. The other unique feature is that the light comes embedded with batteries. So, during the power cuts it acts as an emergency light.


Image Source : coroflot.com

  1. Electrolux Fireplace –

Electrolux Fireplace is a portable gadget created by Camillo Vanacore. You can see a beautiful transformation when the fireplace is switched on as it changes its look from opaque ceramic column to a transparent one as the fire burns inside it.


Image Source: thehunt.com

  1. Eco Cleaner –

It is a portable and compact dishwasher which doesn’t use detergents. Instead it uses ultrasonic waves to clean the plates! With the use of ultrasonic waves, it ionizes the leftover food particles in the plates and eventually converts the food or grease into compost for plants. Now that’s what you call technology that cares for our environment too.


Image Source: propertyfind.ae

  1. Document Extractor – Combi Monitor –

Most of us like our desks to be well-organized and clean. Document Extractor – Combi Monitor is designed keeping the space problem in mind, as to save the space on your desk. The concept about the monitor is combining screen and printer together. Hence, the freed-up space of the printers on your desks could be used by you for keeping other things that are more useful to you. This monitor also comes packed in with the feature of scanner. The monitor also helps in saving time which we give in to editing and printing of browsed images and pages.


  1. Change it Wall –

This wall has gained a lot of attraction on the internet. This interactive wall concept is designed by Abdurakhmanov or “Amirko”. It is a simple, ingenious way to create walls of the designs of your choice, the designs which could be changed as per your wish. The wall is not made of LED or anything digital. It is made up of turning triangles with different colors on them like white, black and even all seven colors of the rainbow.


Image Source: adsttc.com

  1. Orbital Washing Machine –

The washing machine has gone through a lot of advancements: dryer system, fully-automated, semi-automated and the likes.  One more such innovation which not only gives you better washed clothes, but also makes your loading and unloading task much easier.

The orbital washing machines reduces some of the steps from your regular process of washing clothes. This machine comes with two detachable drums which are in the form of baskets. There is a white basket for white clothes and blue for colored. You sort the clothes as per color when putting them into these drum baskets. Carry the same baskets to the washing and drying lines.

The other unique feature is that this drum pivots on two axes, giving a faster and more energy efficient way of washing clothes.


Image Source: pinimg.com

In our next blog, we would talk about more such gadgets to make life easier and let you have more time for yourself. But before that, let us know which gadget did you like the most in this list?

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