Opinion: Future Expansion After COVID-19 Ends. Will It Ever Be Same Again?

As soon as pandemic has intruded in personal and professional lives, every individual is fighting back on a massive scale. From health to economy, social to political; communities, groups and governments are coming together for the benefit of humankind. Such a scenario wasn’t seen ever before but uniting for better is always the best option to save the world.

We are looking at the never experienced strength as well as weakness, and this challenging situation has made the picture clearer than ever. With this piece of article, I want to explore the positive and negative sides as well as the sectors that we need improvement in the coming few months. Will it ever be the same again or will we evolve for better? I am sure you will be able to figure out by the end.

The Optimistic Side

It is not that lockdown and Covid-19 arrived with only the news of unrest within us, but it has a brighter side too. After all, every coin has two sides. Countries extended hands to each other for help by either sending test kits or making ventilators in advance. Moral support was noticed when streets of Spain and India clapped together for corona warriors, be it medical staff, police or other service personnels. Moreover, the environment which we were trying to save for a long time started healing on its own.

The Optimistic Side

The Optimistic Side


The Dark & Gloomy Side

We must already be aware of the most horrific side of coronavirus. Mass deaths, graves, grieving families and sleepless nights for medical staff were some of the most heart-wrenching news we have received. Apart from that, business losses, millions in lockdown with anxiety & depression, falling oil prices, GDP or economic issues are some other problems where we are falling off the edge.

The Dark & Gloomy Side

Sectors That We Need To Strength For The Future! RIGHT NOW.

“Morning Will Come. It Has No Choice.” 

Keeping hopes and positivity for coming months and years, that’s what is the need of the hour.  The regions vulnerable to the pandemic must be helped by countries, communities and individuals so that they are prepared, once lockdown ends. Apart from being extra conscious by masking your mouth and nose and maintaining social distance, there are a few things, in my opinion, at which we must attend.

These suggestions are put up based on the need of minimum human interaction and the importance of social distancing.


1. Health Awareness Apps


Apple and Google took up the noble job recently and started working for reduction of coronavirus. A new contact tracing tool can efficiently track down and detect the infected people through Public Health Authority system. It is due to launch in May and will be taken down once the pandemic ends.

Similarly, the Indian government has released the Aarogya Setu app that keeps notifying you if you have any positive cases in your area, along with blogs and videos on personal protection, latest updates and various frequently asked questions. It keeps your Bluetooth activated to detect the nearest cases and notifies you instantly.

Moreover, tech giants are also banning various applications related to coronavirus news so that fake news is not circulated. Their installation may become the first step of relief.

Health Awareness Apps
Image source: Verge


2. Digital Health Records


Creating a Digital ID for every individual might look a little hectic at the beginning. Still, once the coronavirus status for every person is marked under the name, it becomes easier for all to track. For example, once the delivery guy knocks your door, you may ask his name, check his health status and note that you met him for personal records.

These digital health records will also serve as the archive for any future health issues even if the applications like Aarogya Setu or Google+Apple get removed from their platforms.


3. Doorstep Banking Services


Cash dispensing, loan services, waivers, credit card, and other services that require a person to visit banks now need to be managed following the situation. Since human intervention needs to be done at a minimum, these services are necessary for the near future with different channels. GooglePay, PayPal, etc. are doing half of the work, but for rest, we still need to find solutions.


4. Digital Awareness For Alternate Income Generation


Not that everyone has a job for work from home and some of the businesses might have been destroyed. This is where counsellors and investors can join in to educate people about how they can reboot their businesses or support the idea of having a new startup. The economy has undoubtedly fallen sharply and getting back to where we were could be challenging


5. Fast Tracking e-Commerce Platforms


Since e-commerce is a potential case of bringing your product to market, one must not miss an opportunity to present themselves online. Moreover, an awareness campaign for vendors could be one of the solutions for fast-tracking the platform and using technology to the best of their ability.


6. Induction Of Blockchain For Trust


Now when everyone comes online, its security and privacy issues are very much important at the same time. Companies, investors, shareholders, etc. must now become aware of the importance of blockchain so that there is no threat to identity, monetary accounts and other online platforms. Blockchain can encrypt crucial information and would not let anyone peek.


7. Improving Internet Services

Improving Internet Services


As experts say that the internet bandwidth is sufficient for today but what about the future. All around the world, its usage has gone up very sharply, and analysts claim that soon, it will be harder to maintain the network equipment. Better to start preparing before the internet breaks down terribly.


8. Online Complaint Services/ Educational Services/Telemedicine


A lot of individuals are lagging in means of education, health issues and grievance redressal during the pandemic lockdown. Though they are trying to cope every day with online meetings or video calls, however, research to make this system stronger must begin now.

Bonus: Motivation (Preparing For Faceless, Cashless & Paperless)

The world still needs to see a lot of changes. However, changes since the past few months have twisted the world in such a way that no one has ever expected. Hence, we must all come together to face a new world that is waiting for us right there. Our inner motivation and boost in technology is the only right way to go ahead in future.

Will It Ever Be Same Again?

We know that you want everything to be back to normal but let’s start with thanking God that you are still happy and healthy while reading this blog. So if you are emerging tomorrow in a new advanced world, there shall not be harm. Probably, you will be able to learn something new soon. Moreover, people in your life are still the same and love you the way they used to, so you can make a difference with them.

Let’s see what people think about it. The following images are taken from Quora and answers by Scott Kervin, Zsolt Hermann, and Brandon Brown.

Will It Ever Be Same Again

Will It Ever Be Same Again
Are you ready to get into the world where everyone has many thoughts, multiple images in their mind and questions that never end? Well, you must be! We sincerely hope this pandemic slows and stops soon and we may once again get to travel, eat and breathe at our favorite locations.

What’s your opinion? Shoot your answers in the comment section below.

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