Friday Essential: Funny Tech Job Titles You Never Knew Existed

Friday Essentials

What do you want to become when you grow up? As a kid, we all have answered to this question as a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Police or Model. Whereas all these answers are still valid, but if you ask this same question to a child of today’s era. You might get answers like Meme Agent or Technical Evangelist.

We all have been focusing on careers, but we never actually drilled down to know about specific job roles & hierarchy of a company.

As the technology companies are growing with bleeding-edge innovations, with new employment positions, new job titles have come into being. Some of which are we don’t even knew existed, even a couple of years ago.

Introducing Weirdest Jobs in Tech Industry

Here we’ve put together some unusual job titles that are existing and some we could see in the future.

1. In-house Philosopher

One of the most popular Company, Goggle created this job title – the person holding the title of In-house Philosopher is simply responsible for a moral compass. The job title merely proves, that a philosophy degree in you can land you at a place like Google. Apart from having a quality like this, a person should have a dedicated quality to solve engineering problems using a humanistic perspective.

in house philosopher

2. Digital Prophet

Digital Prophet is a job title given introduced by company AOL, a person known as David Shing is responsible for this title and his role is to predict the future online landscape. Probably he is considered as the only tech execs to boast such a job title.  This Offbeat position comes with quite interesting job description. At high-tech companies, where people are always involved in some deep complicated tech shit. He works to enlighten minds, help employees to increase their productivity.

Digital Prophet

3. Director of Sound Design

Though, the job title Director of Sound Design is quite usual and familiar to people. But the funny part is not associated with the title, but the job role and where? At Facebook, the person has to create all pop ding, pop om notification sounds. He should have good understanding of interaction sound design and its effects on people.

Read more about this job description at Facebook Careers!

Director of Sound Design
Image Source: Facebook
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4. Technology Evangelist

This job title doesn’t sound too odd at first place, but this job title is backed by a person who builds critical mass of support to a particular technology. He collaborates with bloggers, designers and other useful people who can help to promote the use of a particular technology or product. The person is actually an eclectic bunch. There’s actually not a particular job description for this title as: they can be teachers, solution solvers, developers, students, businessman, designers etc. The only thing matters is the great communication skills!

Technology Evangelist
Image Source: high-tech dad

5. Happiness Hero

Being happy at work, home or at any other place is certainly an admirable goal. There’s a point a person is required to manage the office environment calmly. Who can do that?  A person who takes care of routine technical jargons. The job title is deserved by a person who has experience in SaaS environment and has strong capabilities to solve bugs and technical issues. This unusual job title is created by a social media marketing company Buffer.

Happiness Hero
Image Source: Medium

So, what do you think about this list of weirdest jobs? Let us know if you know some other funny tech job titles apart from these!

Happy Friday!

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