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For some the week flies like it’s nobody’s business and for some it is one long haul before the weekend rest stop known as Friday. Believe it or not, but today’s Friday and there couldn’t be a better news than this. However, our tech loving and gadget worshipping readers might also be waiting for their weekly roundup of what’s new in tech. And just like every Friday, we’ve prepared a small list of the biggest ups and downs in the world of technology. So, without wasting your time further, here’s the list.

1.      Nokia Gets Back to Basics

Nokia Gets Back to Basics

Nokia smartphones might have lost in the race after being devoured by Microsoft. But moving into the future is not always the answer to greatness and sometimes we need a hint of nostalgia to appreciate the true beauty of technology. Hence back bringing their ‘tough as nails’ mobile phone, the Nokia 3310 is definitely justified in an era where the technology is plagued by poor battery backup and fragile devices. The new handset is just a progressive re-take at the classic Nokia 3310 model launched in 2000. Known for its durability, the new phone doesn’t offer the wide variety of apps (other than a new version of snake). But, is extremely simple to use and has a monstrous standby battery time up to a month, when fully charged. It provides talk time up to 22 hours.

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2.      Switch Finally Launched

Switch Finally Launched

The much-hyped Nintendo Switch console has finally seen it’s highly awaited launch and is for sale in Europe, Australia, US, UK and Japan. Offered for $299.99 in the US, switch is Nintendo’s 7th home gaming console and combines both home and handheld units in one. The home/portable aspect has already received a lot of positive reviews from fans and interested buyers with several new titles such as Mario and Zelda being launched simultaneously. Other notable features include backwards compatibility (entire Nintendo library till date), ROM and flash-drive support and motion sensors making it one of the most complete Nintendo consoles till date.

3.      Uber Plans to Adopt the Improbable

Uber Plans to Adopt the Improbable

Although a lot of you might disagree, human labor doesn’t always work out for various industries. And that certainly holds true for Uber who have come under a lot of limelight for the ‘not so professional’ behavior of their cab drivers. The company has certainly grown weary of such complaints as apparent through their recent appeals to re-start their self-driving vehicle research. They’ve already deployed 2 test autonomous vehicles in San Francisco, but were taken off last year due to lack of permit. This has led Uber to move their tests to a new facility in Arizona, where no such permissions are required. But they’ve also secretly reapplied for new permit with the Californian government officials, showing how eager they are to adopt the revolutionary technology.

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4.      Google Assistant Rolls out for All Androids

Google Assistant Rolls out for All Androids


Google has finally decided to trickle down it’s highly anticipated AI assistant ‘Google Assistant’ initially launched with Google Pixel smartphone. Google Assistant is now available for a wider range of Android devices, especially versions 7.0 (nougat) and 6.0 (marshmallow). The app can be downloaded directly via Play Services and will be operable using the device’s Home button. The app will replace the default Google search and will certainly be a delight for millions of Android users across the globe, providing a tough competition to Apple’s Siri.

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5.      Google Anti-Troll AI gets Beat by a Simple Typo


 Google Anti-Troll AI gets Beat by a Simple Typo

Sometime ago Google introduced a new system for webpage owners and moderators to limit and curb internet trolls from ruining information. Named ‘Perspective’ the tool helped detect any abusive or insulting content to limit information vandalism and online harassment. But sadly, this seemingly noble tool was taken apart by a simple typing error, where it couldn’t detect abusive text when it was misspelt. It is certainly ironic that the technology couldn’t even match up to amateur internet trolls.

Now that you have a hint of the major tech stories this week, you can totally let yourself go and enjoy a weekend full of fun. We tried to cover all the major happenings this week, but incase we’ve missed anything that you’re not happy with, please mention in the comments section below.

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