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Hello faithful readers , and congratulations for making this far to finally experience the festive day called ‘Friday’ While we could go on and on and even write hymns about this blessed and sacred day, our readers are certainly waiting for their weekly roundup for what’s new with technology. A lot has happened this week and it would certainly be tough for us to list down each and every piece of news. But we have compiled a list of the most interesting ones, for you.

  1. Apple Releases Beats X Wireless Earbuds


If you have been dissatisfied with the several issues with Apple’s AirPods, do not worry as they have a solution. Despite of being delayed, their highly anticipated Beats X Wireless Earbuds were finally released for the consumers. The earphones are currently available for sale on the US and UK Apple websites and are priced at $149. If you were scared of losing your AirPods, these sporty looking wireless earphones come with an inbuilt lanyard and magnetic earbuds that keep these secured around your neck. The charging port has been modified from a regular USB port to Apple lighting port. Nonetheless, these can easily connect and work with any other device including Android and Windows. Buy it here

  1. Samsung Battery Factory Explodes

samsung fire

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Samsung’s ‘Explosive’ notoriety reached new heights, as the week ended with a major disaster in their China battery manufacturing facility. It is definitely ironic that this is the same factory that supplies the batteries for Galaxy Note 7. There were earlier reports of the incident being a minor fire at a waste depository, factory officials confirmed that the explosion was caused in the stockpiled faulty batteries from the Note 7 smartphone. Thankfully, the fire was put out way before it could cause any damage and the factory is in operation as normal. What a bummer for the workers!

  1. Facebook Joins Hands with MTV

We have already covered how Facebook has revealed their plans on presenting Facebook TV. In the latest turn of events, company officials announced that they have hired the services of Ex-MTV executive Mina Lefevre to work as head of development as she quit MTV to join Facebook. This is definitely in line with Facebook’s earlier announcement of developing television programs and content. Lefevre has previously worked for various popular TV shows such as Scream, Teenwolf, Pretty Little Liars and the Fosters etc. At Facebook Lefevre joins a team that includes College Humor co-founder and Facebook Head of Global creative strategy.

  1. Chicago Auto Show Starting Tomorrow


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If you love cars more than anything in the world, than Chicago is the place to be for you this weekend (who cares about valentine’s week anyways!). Starting tomorrow the 2017 Chicago Auto Show will be held at Chicago, Illinois and will feature more than 1000 automobiles on display. Participants list include the biggest names in automobile industry such as Fiat, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, KIA, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Jeep, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Volvo, Alfa Romeo and many more. The event will take place from Feb 11 and will end on the 20th.

  1. Activision floats fresh details on Call of Duty 2017

When everything else fails, remember your roots. And that’s exactly what game developers Activision is planning to do with the upcoming Call of Duty title. The long running first-person shooter game series lost a lot of fans with their previous title due to the oversaturated gameplay elements. This time the developers seek to redeem themselves by trying to do what worked for them in the first place, while reinventing the elements. Market experts speculate the game to hit the shelves by mid-summer this year. How it fairs in face of their previous failures, that only time will tell.

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This has certainly been an exciting week for tech lovers as evidenced with the above events. In case we missed any details or anything important that you think should be in the list, feel free to educate us through your comments. Have an awesome weekend and catch you on the flipside!

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