Friday Essentials: What’s New in Tech This Week?

Hello everyone and congratulations for making it this far to finally witness Friday. We know that you might already be crawling to leave your workplace as soon as possible and relax for the next 2 days. However, we do not want you to miss anything from the world of technology. 2017 has already been a pretty exciting year, especially for technology lovers. So without further wasting your time, here are some of the biggest tech stories this week.

  • Facebook Plans to Develop App for set top boxes

If you feel that your computer is mainly used to access Facebook, then wait till the social network launches itself on the small screen. Reportedly, Facebook is planning to launch an app for satellite TV services such as Apple TV and TiVo. What’s new is the possibility of watching several television programs as Facebook is in talks with various media companies for TV show licenses. Television is certainly an undiscovered territory for the social media moguls and could bring about a major change in the technology.

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  • Nintendo Switch Announces Affordable Subscription prices for online service


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Ever since it’s reveal last year, Nintendo Switch has been one of the hottest gadgets that are awaiting launch in 2017. The manufacturer has also floated out several new details about the much desired console including, backwards compatibility, possible games and paid online subscription. The latest news however, might be a really good news for prospective buyers. Nintendo officials announced that the subscription fee for online service will cost less than $30 a year, which is way cheaper than anything offered by rivals Microsoft and Sony.

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  • Snapchat Will Invest More in Glasses This Year


A lot has been up for Snap this year, including their recently announced IPO and acquisition reports of Vurb with possibilities of acquiring Bitstrips. In the latest reveal it was announced that Snap will invest more in their video recording sunglasses and will seek to expand its distribution circle for them. However, its hardware is still subject to change and improvements making it an experimental investment.

  • Apple Aims to Produce iPhones in India

Trump’s rage against China hasn’t been really evident as compared to the Mexican issue. Nevertheless, it seems that American manufacturers are looking for more viable production facilities in other parts of Asia. In the latest turn of events Apple have revealed that they have plans for significant investments in the Indian market. Although this looks more like an attempt to grab a market where they suffer from poor sales as compared to their rivals Samsung. But this could also be an attempt to find an alternative to Chinese factories, that produce a majority of iPhones used throughout the globe.

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  • UK Secretary of Defense Warns NATO of Russian Cyberattacks

Cybercrime has really hit the world hard in 2017, with allegations of US elections being hacked by Russian hackers. While a lot of people might’ve written these as hoaxes, Sir Michael Fallon, UK Secretary of Defense has issued a warning to NATO about the west being targeted by Russian hackers. He also accused Russia of perpetrating and being involved in various cyberattacks in western countries such as France, US, Netherlands and Germany. He also panned Kremlin for sparking the Age of Misinformation and weponising it to destabilize the Western economy.

So that was our weekly roundup of all the major happenings in the world of technology this week. In case we missed out anything, please make sure that you mention that in the comments section. Have a happy weekend !

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