Friday Essentials: The Funny Side of Technology

We have been mulling over this weekly section of ours. Friday Essentials. It started off as a tech news bulletin of sorts and remained that way till date. Well, mostly.

But wait a sec. It’s Friday, right? So why so serious! We are switching gears. Friday Essentials will be more in line with your TGIF mood. There’s a lot about tech that is bizarre, amusing, pointless and bewildering. And of course, there’s the eternal love affair between filmdom and tech. In short, we are going to cover all this and much more in our Special Friday Post each week.

Today, we are presenting a listicle of…

‘Technology That Exits, But Has Got Absolutely No use!”

First Up…

#1: The Laser Cap.

What does it do? Wait for it…it helps you write in a straight line. Yeah, you heard that right!

I mean, the designer seriously thought a ball pen that can guide writers to maintain a straight line by projecting laser beams for rules on a white paper is something that people would need. In the 21st century. Yeah, like who uses tabs and laptops and phones to take down notes, right? Ignore the cynicism. Here’s the video to give you a better idea.

Next, we present to you the…

#2: Cicret Bracelet.

Do you ever get that feeling? Doing something just because you can. Well, when I stumbled upon this ‘innovation’, that’s the exact feeling I got.

Some designers from Paris – who obviously got bored with the City’s romanticism – decided to create this ‘wearable technology’ (presumably) for fun. Enough blabbering. I’ll get to the point.

Ok, so this bracelet lets you use your wrist just like a touchscreen of your smartphone! Basically, instead of the glass screen on your phone you’ll be tingling and poking your own wrist. Not quite sure why would anybody want to do that! Here, take a look.

#3: Scribbler: Color Picker Pen

Truth be told, I am not sure whether I find this technology useless. Let’s just say, the cynic in me thinks it is. This pen ‘enables colors in the environment to be scanned and instantly used for drawing’. *Drums Fingers*

For one, there’s something about painting with brushes. It kind of unsettles me to think that a contraption, just a few centimeters long, can do in hours what traditional methods can in days! I mean there’s a something about splashing all those colors around and being messy while you are creating something. Art and neatness just don’t go hand in hand!

Here’s a demo of the Color Picker Pen for you…

#4: FoldiMate: The Clothes Folder

Well, it’s self-explanatory. But I must have an opinion.

As it is, jobs are dying dime a dozen. Do we really need this Robot Folding machine? As if Washing Machines were not enough! Besides, how lazy can one get! The machine does the laundry. Give your arms some exercise. Fold those clothes. Or else, just let the neighborhood Laundry Service take over. Duh!

#5: 3D Printer Backpacks

They say, save the best for the last.

Basically, the idea is to make 3D printing potable. Yeah, like you need a 3D printer every waking hour, right?

What better way to do it than to make printers that look like backpacks? I have nothing more to say. See it for yourself.

So, there. That rounds up our Friday Essential Listicle. Look for more such crazy stuff next week and let us know what do you think of the new Friday Essentials Avatar?

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