Friday Essentials: Tech We’d Like to See in 2022

It’s the Friday before Christmas and instead of giving you something related to Christmas and state the obvious, we’ve decided to do a little foreshadowing of what the new year might have to offer. A lot happened this year in the world of technology with some astonishing new gadgets being launched in the market. But each new technology also gives rise to more anticipation among buyers. Sure we’ve seen some astonishing launches such as iPhone 7 and the VR tech explosion in the market. But that still doesn’t stop us from expecting even more from manufacturers in the new year. Let’s talk about some technologies and gadgets we’d like to get launched in 2022.

1. SNES Classic Edition


We already know that Nintendo’s ambitious new console The Switch will be launched in march next year. Yet, the response to their NES Classic edition 8-bit gaming console has been phenomenal to the point that it flew off the shelves and is extremely hard to find through conventional means. What we certainly like to see next year is a similar launch of Nintendo’s equally iconic 16-Bit console, the SNES. The games not only look much better than the 8-bit versions, but offer far more fluid and immersive gameplay than the NES. With legendary games like Super Castlevania IV, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Mortal Kombat 2, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country 2 and tons of other fun filled classics, the SNES Classic edition is sure to outsell the mini NES console.

2. Tablets as Powerful as Laptops

While smartphones and tablets have become far more popular than laptops, they still couldn’t best the notebook PC in terms of functionalities. Therefore, it is high time that manufacturers should focus on tablets that are as powerful and versatile as any laptop or computer. Sure there are various technological constraints that would make this impossible as of now. But newly launched gadgets such Microsoft Surface studio have shown a lot of promise. Hence it is only a matter of time before this technology would trickle down to lower priced models and be more available to users.

3. A Solution for Ransomware

2017 has been badly hit by incidents of cybercrime, data breaches and Ransomware infections. Of these ransomware has gained the most notoriety as this malware will ensure that you won’t be able to recover your data. Since it locks all files in your computer with military grade encryption, there’s no way you could ever get your data back without spending a fortune. Therefore, it would be really comforting if authorities came up with a solution to stop this vicious malware from performing any malicious activity on your system. Although most currently available solutions rely heavily on data backups, an Anti-Ransomware Program would be highly appreciated by users worldwide.

4. More Holographic Technology


A lot of people might be thrilled about Samsung’s foldable screen that is supposed to make your touchscreen phone compact and easy to carry. While it would certainly be an engineering marvel to see a touchscreen that can be folded, all of that could also be achieved by implementation of holographic interface in smartphones. This would not only make devices easier to carry but would also reduce the damage they take when dropped by mistake. And since the controls are projected in a holographic image, users would have a larger area to work in, regardless of the screen size.

5. Return of Audio Jack in iPhone

Apple likes to implement new ideas and innovations in their products. Unfortunately, they often take innovation to the point that it becomes a limitation. We’ve seen how the latest iPhone 7 model has been devoid of a 3.5 mm audio jack. Manufacturers claim this to be a stepping stone towards making things as wire-free as possible. Nevertheless, this wasn’t well received by fans and gadget enthusiasts since their accompanying wireless ‘AirPods’ has been delayed for market release. Hopefully Apple will learn their lessons and feature the audio jack in iPhone 8.

6. Better AI Implementation

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been quite the rage this year, with various gadgets implementing this tech this year including Google Home and Amazon Echo etc. But what we’d like to see happening is this technology being used more extensively along with IOT (internet of things) devices. Imagine driving your vehicle with voice commands. This is certainly a sphere that could dwarf the prospects of driverless car technology and sounds way more practical than letting a robot take the wheel.

7. Improved Battery Life in Smartphones

With each year, we see smart devices becoming more powerful than ever. Improved internal storage, RAM, Screen size, display quality and numerous other functions would certainly feel more useful if the battery backup is improved. Despite of smartphones and tablets being the most preferred digital devices, they are often panned for their horrible battery life that dulls their functionality. Even though manufacturers claim that battery backup in newer devices is better than ever, we know it would require frequent charging.

8. More Wearable Tech

wearable-techThe Apple Watch Series 2 was released this year, along with several smartwatches popping up in the market. Sure this new technology sounded promising, but it’s limited functionality as compared to smartphones and tablets have kept it from being adopted by many users. This year we certainly want to see more wearable smart devices. A holograph enabled smart watch is certainly something that everyone would want to buy if it was released this year.

9. Actual Hoverboards that Hover

There’s a fair chance that you might have seen several hoax videos about Lexus releasing a fully-functional hover board that makes Back to The Future a reality. But while the world was waiting for this awesome toy, all we got was a crappy gimmick that still enjoyed some limelight despite of it not being close to real hoverboards. Hopefully some inventor finally gets it right this year and we actually feel like living in the future as claimed by Hollywood.

While Jet Packs and Time Travel still seem like two highly-desirable yet unachievable technologies, the abovementioned ones aren’t that improbable. Although tech gurus have already made countless predictions about the big tech launches in 2022, the above list contains a pseudo-wish list of things we want to see get launched in the new year.

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