Friday Essentials: Tech News Friday

Weekdays can be a really tough time in our lives and that’s why we have Fridays. With your jam pack work schedule from Monday to Friday, it becomes hard to keep track of the latest tech news. But worry not, Nerds and Gizmo freaks as like always, we’ve got you covered. If you’re dying for today’s work hours to get over and you can get lost for the next two days, here’re some headlines that will divert your anxiety and your weekly roundup of Tech News.

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1. Bitcoin Prices Hit All-Time High


Deep Web’s favorite currency Bitcoin has reached an all-time high price and is currently valued at $1,18. This clearly indicates how this initially criticized cryptocurrency is being openly accepted for online payments. Although the currency’s prices have fluctuated for the past 4 years erratically, they quickly crossed the $1000 mark. The main reason for this immense hike isn’t really clear (as usual with forex), it is related to the Stock Market rise, ever since Donald Trump became President. There’s no clear answer till when will this price rise last, but till the time it spells good news for investors, who cares, right?

2. Original Star Wars Trilogy Unaltered Version Set for Re-Release


Remember the crappy Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition? Well it seems that Lucas arts have learnt their lessons to not overproduce classics and filling them up with distracting digitally inserted aliens. The next movie in the Star Wars saga, ‘The Last Jedi’ is already awaiting release this year with tons of fan anticipation. To capitalize on the hype, and to celebrate 40 years of the original release, the unaltered Original Trilogy will be re-released before the new sequel hits the screen.

3. Apple Claims New Updates Will resolve 6S Shutdown Issue

iPhone 6, 6s and Plus model users were troubled by this pesky problem with their phones. This involved the phones getting shutdown unexpectedly. This caused a major uproar among buyers as this was initially dubbed as a problem with iPhone batteries. Thankfully, the company has addressed this issue and have claimed that with their latest iOS 10.2.1 update the problem will be reduced by nearly 80%. This announcement was also made along with a recall on select models that would require a battery replacement.

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4. WhatsApp Reinvents Itself


The app that replaced SMS was everything smartphone users asked for. However, as soon as WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, there have been rumors that the app will undergo some major changes. This speculation came true with the latest updates that have provided Snapchat like features to WhatsApp. You can now reply on people’s status, which will be sent as a regular chat with a snapshot of that status. This also brings the messaging app in line with social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter and making it more versatile.

5. Fox Studios Float New Details On Upcoming X-Force Movie


The last movie of the Wolverine spin-off franchise will finally hit theaters next month but that’s certainly not the last we see of the clawed anti-hero. There has been a lot happening under the covers with Fox Studios such as a Deadpool sequel and New Mutants. The recent news however is regarding the X-Force movie that is also in the making. In the recent turn of events Fox Studios announced Director Joe Carnahan with actor Ryan Reynolds who is supposed to star and co-write the movie. For those unfamiliar with X-Force, it is a band of super powered mutants that include the likes of Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable and Domino etc. This faction is quite different to the X-Men that doesn’t treat their foes as fairly. This would certainly be a nice change of pace for the franchise that is known for various inconsistencies and confusing storylines.

We hope this post has provided you with all major happenings in the world of technology. We’ve kept this list short so you do not waste any time before you can finally begin partying. In case we miss anything important, post your rants in the comment section and we’ll try to do a better job next time. Till then, happy weekend and cheers!


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