Friday Essentials: Tech Addicts Anonymous

We may not realize it but change is what drives human progress and it has culminated into a revolution. We are talking about humanity being autocorrected. We are now waking up to the dark side of technology that is doing more harm than good. Consequently, inventions have turned against their masters and are manipulating human behavior for corporate profit. They are being used to damage our humanity through information control and erode the pillars of our society.

tech addicts
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Easy availability and trouble-free access to technology has affected every section of society, esp. the youngsters. Where are we exactly heading towards? This question is haunting every person who uses internet.Their fragile mindset is easily manipulated and is giving rise to different types of internet addiction.

Addiction to Social Media Websites: The product of globalization, social media is largely a platform to interact and intermix with ease of communication. Now, the sole purpose of this development has turned into addiction. Also, people are using this as a medium to exploit people for their own profit. Whether it is recruitment in terrorist organization or the case of “Blue whale challenge”, where a group of people are explicitly targeting mentally-weak people to eliminate them from society. It is taking lives and causing mental problems like anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Fandoms: The community of sleep-driven people, who obsess over a tv show, book or movie. Or a group of hypnotized fans, addicted to some or other kind of technology, as if they are under the influence of an emotional drug. For instance, watching the complete series of any show in one night or two or gamers, who continuously play video game without resting.

Dark web and pornography: From sale of child pornography to trading of illegal weapons and drugs, dark web is a dangerous place to stay. Think twice before clicking any returned search links in dark web because no ruling authority regulates this web. Exploiting this search engine results often leads to the darkest corners of internet and leaves people vulnerable to dangerous characters and might spread malware or hack your computer.

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Exploring the other side of the coin

Why do we always relate technology to addiction and slavery? Why don’t we consider it as a pathway to reinvent humanity? An optimistic and constructive approach that can change the way we think, act and live. It has changed the way we communicate with each other, raise awareness and unveil the corrupt practices. We shall not ignore the positive impacts of technology that has made our life simpler.

tech addicts
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The eternal trend of comparing generations and highlighting the adverse features of technology addiction is not completely bogus and tricky. While we are targeting youngsters for their faulty behavior, what exactly the adults have done to prevent crime by using law. In the recent case of Florida school shooting, students are calling for real actions and begging for a stricter move. They are using technology to create mass awareness about the incident and raising questions on the gun usage.

This kind of shooting was not first to be reported in Florida and the lawmakers have done nothing to prevent this trend. They are directly or indirectly blaming the mental health of today’s generation, which, according to them, is now corrupted by internet addiction. They are not entirely wrong but how can we ignore the influence of technology that is aiming to eliminate poverty and providing shelter and food to everyone.

In comparison to the references of tech-giant’s leaders who are not letting their children to use technology, there are tons of inferences where children have used technology to launch their startups and businesses. We are trying to understand and implement the positive usage of technology to tackle social evils. A transformation that calls for right actions to eliminate the vices of superiority, racism and inequality by using technology and youngsters. What are your thoughts on the rising technology addiction among youngsters? Let us know if you like our article through the comments section below.

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