Friday Essentials: Snapchat’s ‘Spectacular’ Surprise And More…

The US Presidential elections was the only thing the media seemed to care about this week. As the nation saw Donald Trump become the 45th President-elect, we at Systweak pored over things that didn’t create as much frenzy but surely will make a difference in your daily lives as far as tech goes. Not to say, President Trump won’t!

So here goes the list of the most note-worthy happenings from the tech world. We found 5 bits to be quite newsworthy for our weekly bulletin.

  1. Snap Chat Spectacles

Google glass was certainly an ambitious product, which wasn’t that well received due to its highly impractical look. But new technology should never go to waste and the same can be said about SnapChat Spectacles, that are now available in the market. The 70s esque specs allow users to shoot 10 second videos and post them directly to the SnapChat app. You can also transfer the videos via Bluetooth to other devices making this a highly promising and fun gadget for geeks.

  1. Windows 10 Unified Updates

Remember the time when windows updates took hours to download. Well you can certainly say goodbye to all such primitive problems with the new Unified Update Platform for Windows 10. This would include updates for both PC and Windows Phones. The new platform will also reduce the download size for Windows updates to considerably low (up to 35%) as compared to older versions of Windows. It would not only ensure that more and more users regularly install updates, but would also be beneficial for those using slow internet connections.

  1. PlayStation-4 Pro

Nintendo Switch’s reveal has surely left most console brands stunned. Nevertheless, Sony has mustered its strength to announce the next generation PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console. While it is essentially same as the older version, support for 4k resolution, PS VR, HDR and enhanced framerate will make it even better. Therefore, it can also be called as the faster and sleeker version of the PS4 with over 40 game titles currently available. Sony have also announced that more titles will soon be launched for the new console and will certainly reach the same status as its predecessors.

  1. Alibaba Outsells Everyone On Singles Day

The Chinese shopping portal Alibaba is known for revolutionizing buying and selling on the Internet. Turns out that their latest shopping festival on Singles Day (November 11), has allowed them to make record sales of over USD 9 Billion. The shopping festival is synonymous to Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the US buyers and has almost doubled the sales as compared to last year’s festival.

  1. Facebook Introduces Open Source AI Imaging Technology (for mobile app)

With every second, tech update is being incorporated with Artificial Intelligence. Facebook have finally decided to up their game by incorporating this technology and making it open for anyone. They released their new AI based facial recognition and made it open for public research. This was done in view with quick advances in Machine vision technology. Since the technology is available across the world’s largest social media platform, it would make it much more convenient for independent developers to collaborate.

It’s easy to miss any other news – big or small – especially when Trump’s victory is the only thing on the Internet right now. But for those readers who are still fired about gadgets and technology, we hope we didn’t miss anything important. In case we did, please let us know!

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