Friday Essentials: Our All Time Favorite Fathers in Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies

Friday Essentials

Father’s Day is nearly on top of us. This comes with reminisce to all the Greatest Fathers out there that “You are Truly Special”. Just like our real-life fathers, Sci-fi Dads come with unconditional love, care and inspiration.

To praise all the Father Figures, we’ve decided to call out some of the Ideal & Best Dads in Sci-fi and Fantasy World. So, here we Go!

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Best Dads in Sci-fi and Fantasy Movies

1. Arthur Weasley

Talk about one of the sweetest dads out there in Fantasy/Sci-fi and the first name that comes to our mind is Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter.

Mr. Weasley always loved his sizable family and stood as a backbone for them throughout the series. He may have been financially weaker (owing to his large and happy family), but he evidently takes joy to support his family and welcoming his children’s friends with full enthusiasm and affection.

His tousled look belied his inner firmness, he seemed quirky and little clueless sometimes, but he’s a great dad!

Arthur Weasley
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2. Marlin

Bundle of Worries and easily frazzled father- Here comes another Dad, Marlin! He’s the most overprotective Dad ever, who is always concerned about his idiotic son Nemo, because he knows that he can disappear any minute.

He brought a lot of emotional disaster between a father-son relationship, but never let the shadows of his past affect the future of his child.

Marlin was not a person who could cross a quest across the ocean, but he was definitely the one who could do absolutely anything for his beloved son. This father-son duo was clearly the best yet weirdest twos on-screen.

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3. Mr. Incredible

Mr Incredible or Bob Parr was a terrible dad at the beginning. But by the time movie comes to an end he realizes the fact that honor of becoming a Superhero is not as important as to be a good father to his children.

This dancing dorky dad was as incredible as his name.

Mr. Incredible

4. Jonathan Kent

Next arrives the all-time Super Dad- Jonathan Kent as Kal-El’s adoptive father who proved that blood does not necessarily make a father. Both Jonathan and Martha were portrayed as caring parents and tried their level best to make their child, a person with strong sense of morals.

Instead of being resentful, Jonathan motivates his son to develop his powers and use them for the betterment of humanity.

Jonathan Kent
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5. Data

The best dad in all of Sci-fi movies is one and only Data. He loved his daughter like anything, he sent her to school to socialize, and respected and supported her final choice to be a human.

He made no selfish decisions and didn’t have any deficits that a human parent might have.

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6. Rick Moranis

Definitely not last in importance, here comes another magical dad- Rick Moranis from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He played the role of a bumbling inventor who experimented on his and neighbor’s kids and accidentally turned them to the size of Ants. We know, this not so awesome thing doesn’t define a great father but it is the efforts that he put in to bring back his kids that created a soft spot in our hearts.

Also, for those of you who are not aware, the main reason why we have him on our list is for the sacrifice of his career for his kids.! When in 1991 his wife died, he reshuffled his priorities and to take care of his children. He left Hollywood forever to become a stay-at-home dad. Isn’t he the Best?

Rick Moranis
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There are lot of examples of best dads in sci-fi and fantasy, but these were some of our favorites. Do tell your favurites in the comment section below.

And as Father’s Day is approaching, it leads to appreciate all the great Fathers and say Thanks for what they do for us and for everyone else.

Our ultimate source of Happiness, Our symbol of strength – He’s Everything to us! Here’s a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Super Dads!


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