Friday Essentials: Nintendo’s Big Announcement and More…

It’s Friday the 13th and while we’re sure that we won’t see a Jason X sequel, there’s a lot that happened in the world of tech this week. Our readers might already be familiar with the amazing gizmos and technologies that popped up at CES 2017 last week. This week too has seen a lot of new launches and announcements. There has been a shocking report of PC sales taking a continued hit. This is a clear hint how more and more consumers are changing their preferences to portable devices. Nevertheless, let’s also have a look at the latest happenings in technology this week.

  1. Nintendo Switch Price Revealed

For people who have been enamored by Nintendo’s brand new console the Switch, the company has finally announced its price for the US market. The switch will be available at $299 in the US when it will be released this March. There has also news of the entire GameCube library to be supported by the new console along with a brand new Zelda title that was built specifically for this revolutionary gaming gadget.

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  1. Drone Bans

If you’ve been upset about Go Pro Karma drones not showing up in stores, this year might be equally bad for camera enabled drones. Recently Sweden have issued a ban on camera enabled drone devices in their country with another news of Google pulling the plug on their drone project. This means consumers will have to wait till the time this military technology is viable enough for the markets or can completely disappear due to government intervention.

  1. Ransomware Fiesta in Vegas

Vegas is known for several things and was also the venue for Consumer Electronics Show 2017 held last week. But with the launch and display of several new consumer technologies, last week also saw a sudden spike in Ransomware attacks. Recently published reports by Malwarebytes clearly show how most Ransomware attacks are reported in Las Vegas up to 500 times more than anywhere in the US. This means ‘What Happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas’, unless you pay a hefty ransom to cybercriminals.

  1. New Browser by Opera?

It’s surely been a while since we heard any news about Opera before the browser faced a falling out with users due to heavy competition from the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But that’s clearly not stopping them from trying out new ideas to innovate themselves. Recently, Opera announced a new desktop based browser and has already been released in an unfinished ‘Concept Version’. Unlike a conventional browser window with a search bar, web shortcuts and bookmarks are displayed as colored bubbles on screen and a discreet address bar. Although the browser is far from finished, it sure looks interesting and promising.

  1. Apple Announces AR Glasses

With the world drowning in Virtual Reality, it was only time before a tech mogul like Apple would announce their entry. In a recent reveal, Apple and Carl Zeiss are secretly working on a new Augmented Reality headset that is compatible with iPhones and other Apple devices. This would certainly differentiate them from competitors who are focusing more on Virtual Reality gear as compared to Apple’s Augmented Reality venture.

  1. iPhone Gun Scares US Authorities

Apple has always focused on innovating their products to differentiate themselves from competition. The 3.5 mm jack not showing up on iPhone 7 has already caused a lot of controversies. But this one has clearly nothing to do with the company. There has been news of a foldable handgun that resembles an iPhone when folded circulating in the US and Europe. Although gun control in the US isn’t much of a possibility, this sneaky firearm has put the cops and authorities on hi-alert. The gun is capable of firing .380 caliber ammo and features double barrels when in its firearm form.

  1. Samsung Might Remove Audio Jack in Galaxy 8

Samsung is certainly going through a bad phase with terrible decision making, exploding batteries and customer complaints. If you thought the iPhone 7 lacking an audio jack was a temporary thing, Samsung have announced that the new Galaxy 8 will also lack an audio jack in favor of Bluetooth headphones. This is definitely a dangerous game for the South Korean company as it might start a trend that could involve all top smartphone manufacturers in the future. With the news of foldable smartphone 2017 released brushed off as a rumor by Samsung, this could very well make it or break it for the organization.

The above announcements and reveals are certainly some of the biggest tech stories this week. While not all of them might sound good to customers, but since it’s Friday the 13th, let’s gulp this down with a grain of salt. Have a great weekend!


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