Friday Essentials: Craziest News in Tech This Week

It’s Friday again and we’re back with our weekly roundup of new happenings in the world of technology. While last two weeks’ posts were about news related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, this week let us take a look at the latest releases, news and other stuff that all tech-heads need to know.

  1. Intel Enters Autonomous Vehicle Market

Giants like Google, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla etc. are already in works to produce their version of driverless car. The latest name to jump in this rat race is the Silicon Valley biggie, Intel. Although their involvement in development of autonomous technologies for cars isn’t something new, they recently branded their effort and have formed an automated driving group. The announcement about the new venture was made public by the President of Intel’s IOT business division, Mr. Murthy Renduchintala, with reports of more than $1 billion investment for this cause.

  1. Android Users Beware of Gooligan

There has been a sharp increase in the number of cybercrime and malware attacks this year and the latest threat is named Gooligan that specifically targets android devices. The malware was reported Check Point, an Israeli Cybersecurity agency and has been known to victimize more than a million users. The virus effectively compromises the user’s email ids, authentication passwords any other internet based services. It also installs adware on the victim’s device to leech maximum finances from the user.

  1. Nokia Plans its Android Power Return to the Market

Once the largest seller of mobile phone devices, Nokia has certainly waned from the current market. Although their Windows Mobile collaboration was recognized and eventually taken over by Microsoft themselves, the company is planning to make it’s big return next year. According to the authorities, the company might launch several android powered smartphone models in 2017 and once again replace the current rulers Samsung and Apple.

  1. Facebook’s Gaming Revival

We’ve already seen people going crazy about the number of Farmville requests on Facebook in the past. Although that trend faded with the onset of smartphones and devices in the market, Facebook is planning to become a mini-arcade for smartphone gamers. Currently games are not developed by Facebook, but instead they encourage you to install 3rd party apps from the playstore. What changes this is the announcement of “Instant Games”, a new service that allows users to play games directly from Facebook apps. The games do not need to be installed on your device and will not offer any in-game purchases.

  1. Offline Viewing on Netflix

After months of user demands, the popular online entertainment service Netflix has finally revealed offline viewing functionality for users. Although this goes pretty much against what differentiates Netflix from other TV services, it was a result of the sheer customer demand for such as service. The feature is currently available for all devices and require no additional cost other than the monthly subscription. This will certainly upset their rivals Amazon, who had this service enabled for quite some time now.

It is certainly tough to pick a few from the many happenings in the ever changing tech industry. The above news will certainly be of some use for our readers and tech enthusiasts in general.


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