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Friday Essentials Tech News

It’s finally Friday and we understand your anxiety to get over with work for fun filled weekend. But right before you start partying, our nerd and gizmo-loving readers might want to know about the major happenings this week in technology. A lot of interesting has already happened in January with CES 2017, more Ransomware, 3.5 mm jack getting obsolete and Nintendo Switch taking the mainstage. So with no further ado, let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest tech news this week.

  • Facebook Blocks Russia Today till Trump takes Oath

Although we have heard of several countries banning the popular social networking website due to specific laws, but this time it’s a little more complicated. This time it’s Facebook who have blocked the leading Russian media broadcaster Russia Times from posting any content. However, this is a temporary ban that will end after Donald Trump finally takes his presidential oath that will begin today and continue over the weekend. Nevertheless, the ban is said to have been lifted after a complete day of shutdown.

  • Microsoft Advises Windows 7 Users Upgrade to 10 Asap


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Most companies want their customers to keep buying new products and services. Same is the case with Microsoft who have been trying to push their new Windows 10 to their customers. We agree that Windows 10 is an extremely adept and suave operating system, but that still doesn’t make it essential. However, it was recently announced by Microsoft that their highly popular Windows 7 OS doesn’t really meet the modern security standards. As support for Windows 7 was shut down by Microsoft in 2015, the company also advised businesses and home users to upgrade to the latest platforms as soon as possible.

  • Apple Boggled by Battery Drain issued in iPhone 7

The world renowned Apple Inc. is certainly not having a good time with their iPhone 7. Regardless of the amazing new features, the phone’s lack of 3.5 mm jack and unavailability of their heavily marketed ‘AirPods’ has bitten them in the rear. To make matters worse, several customers have addressed the issue of an unusual battery drain ever since the release of their new iOS 10. They have tried to resolve this through a recent update. But that doesn’t seem to cut it for users, as their continued posts on Apple’s support page seem to be falling on deaf ears for now.

  • Samsung Finally Brings Nougat for Galaxy Phones.


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The South Korean tech Moguls Samsung have certainly come far from their past glories. With exploding batteries and disappearing audio jacks have taken away some of their well-earned reputation. But now it looks like they are taking it slow and steady by releasing the latest Android Nougat OS for their Galaxy smartphones. This would be available for Galaxy S6 and above.

  • iPhone 8 To Feature Laser Sensor Equipped Face Recognition System

2017 marks 10 years of iPhone’s existence and the upcoming iPhone 8 is certainly going to be special. Although they have failed to properly address the ongoing flaws with iPhone 7, Apple has revealed the next gen iPhone to be packed with advanced facial recognition tech. This would be possible with the help of a laser mounted sensor that can respond to facial gestures. There are also rumors of wireless charging making an appearance making this the most advanced smartphone in the market.

So we hope you’re finally all set to leave your brains at your doorstep and head out for the weekend. Enjoy!

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