Friday Essentials: Biggest news this week from Facebook to Google

Friday Essentials

Like your boring weekdays, the fun filled weekends are also a part of your daily routine called life. Nevertheless, your love for new technology makes things from ever becoming too boring. Hence, it’s justified that we bring you some of the most important technology news every Friday. Which saves you time to spend your weekend doing other things that actually matter! And if it’s technology and gadgets that matter the most to you then all the better as we have some of the hottest news in tech for you. So, without further ado, here’s the list.

  1. Hands on with Facebook Messenger Day


Today Facebook is globally launching Messenger Day to put a utilitarian spin on the slideshow format. While Snapchat Stories is for retelling what you’ve done. If you’re not a big fan of Snapchat, then Messenger Day’s “Who’s up for?” filters and Active Now indicators can be your convenient alternative, helping you find friends to chat and meet up with. Messenger Day is rolling out for everyone at the top of Facebook’s chat app with today’s iOS and Android updates, plus in desktop messaging threads. The feature lets you share decorated photos and videos with your friends, however these stories are gonna immediately disappear after 24 hours. Who knew Facebook would become so snap chatty one day! Eh?

  1. Apple rolled out iOS 10 Beta 5 version


Apple has recently rolled out a new developer beta version of iOS 10.3. Fortunately, all the registered developers can now download iOS 10.3 beta 5 version over-the-air or via Apple’s Developer Center. A major highlight about this update is the addition of Find my AirPods. One more time Apple has proved that they care for our goodies more than us. Now you can easily locate your lost AirPods, it works like FindMyiPhone. Some other features that come along with the update include Safari support for Reduced Motion preference, enhanced CarPlay interface, the all new podcast widget and much more.

Read the full story here:  iOS beta Update

  1. The Launch of Facebook 360


Facebook keeps on innovating itself, in order to provide an ultimate experiencing to users. No wonder, why the app is loved by millions of users across the globe. Facebook just launched their VR compatible 360 App which is quite a bit technological leap. 360 allows users to take panoramic 360 degree videos and share them through their Facebook profile. Unlike a panoramic shot taken with a camera, 360 videos allow viewers to interact with the video and move the camera around in a free manner.

Read More: Facebook 360

  1. Google’s Hangouts Major Overhaul to takeover Slack



Our very own messaging platform, Google Hangouts will soon be turning into a group chat system that looks a hell lot like Slack. Google has finally decided that Hangouts is supposed to be a business communication tool now on, intended to complement its consumer apps. Could this be the Hangouts update we’ve all been waiting for? Here’s hoping (fingers crossed) that it’s not intended ONLY for business.

  1. Nintendo Switch Game List Confirmed


With Nintendo’s Switch, finally out, there’s a significant number of exclusive heading to the console this year. Nintendo just officially announced the list of all the games to be launched this year. Get ready to drown in the majestic world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are plenty of other games coming out. Stay tuned!

Now that you’re all tech-packed have a fun filled weekend fellas. Incase we’ve missed anything that you’re not happy with, please share your feedback in the comments section below.

Happy Fri-Yay 

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