Friday Essentials: Biggest News in Tech This Week

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. No we’re not talking about any special gadget launch or anything, but everyone’s favorite day of the week, Friday. But that’s not all as we’re all set you provide you with a weekly roundup of all the sights and sounds from the world of technology. A lot of new stuff has surfaced this week and we’re sure that our readers would get totally fired up after finishing this post. So here’re are some of the top tech stories this week.

Snapchat overhauls its iOS App

Sorry android owners, but Snapchat has rolled out its feature heavy app for iOS users first. iOS users will be able to now access the brand new universal search. This allows users to search for other users by simply using their names instead of snapchat usernames, which might be cumbersome to remember. Also new is the inclusion of Bitmoji account that will notify the users when someone adds them.

Twitter Adds Explore Feature

With a view to simplify their interface for users, Twitter have redesigned their moments tab, and renamed it as the Explore tab. This will be a consolidated new feature that will include moments, trending hashtags, featured live videos and search under a single heading. This will not only make the app much easier to use but will also encourage more users to register. This however, was also first launched for iOS platform, with Android launch happening in couple weeks.

Square Enix and Marvel Cooking Up New Game on MCU

Clash of Titans doesn’t always end in disasters especially when it results in an awesome video game. In a recent tie-up, Marvel Studios and Square Enix have come together to work on a new Avengers game, that is in canon with the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story will reportedly be set after the events of Captain America: Civil War and will feature several characters (if not all) from the movie series. No further details have been revealed yet, but fan anticipation is guaranteed to be high.

Fender Launches Guitar Tuning App for Android

While it was already available to iOS users, Fender has launched their extremely convenient and functional Tune app for android. Although guitar tuning apps are already available on android devices, the name Fender makes all the difference. Moreover, the app also provides various tips for guitar players and tutorials on setting up an amplifier.

Facebook Strengthens Account Security

In the recent announcements, social media giants Facebook have revealed new security features to strengthen account security. This includes the option for users to login with a physical USB key as an added security measure. This was revealed by Facebook’s security engineer Brad Hill, who highlighted the issues with SMS enabled login methods. Starting this week, the users will be able to create USB login devices, but is currently supported by Chrome and Opera.

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Technology is ever evolving and it would certainly be hard to cover each and everything in a single post. However, we have tried our best to get all the news that would matter to our readers. In case we have missed anything, please feel free to mention it in comments. Have a happy weekend !

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