Friday Essentials: Big Ones From Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Each Friday, we are going to cover the biggest tech related news and/or interesting events that take place during the week gone by in this column. We hope you enjoy our weekly roundups!

Without a doubt, the biggest event this week was the Windows 10 event in NYC, held on October 26. Microsoft announced some pretty cool updates for Windows. Here’s an update on the ‘Big Ones’:

Surface Studio: Turn your desktop into a creative studio

Microsoft’s first all-in-one desktop combines a 28-inch touchscreen, wide gamut of colors and 13.5 million pixels or 63% more than a spectacular 4k TV.

Surface Dial: For a more intuitive creative experience

Surface Dial is designed to enrich the creative process further. It will integrate with any Windows 10 Surface device resulting in a faster, and more intuitive UI interaction. The dial also has some features which are exclusive to Surface Studio.
The two would make a great combo for designers and artists. Surface Studio is available on pre-order at starting price of $2,999 while Surface Dial is available for $99.

Surface Book: A Laptop Like No Other

Touted as the most powerful laptop in its category yet, the Surface Book has been updated with Performance Base. According to Microsoft’s official website:
“The three new Surface Book models feature 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and pack more than twice the graphics processing power as the original Surface Book. Plus, it brings 16 hours of battery life* into the same sleek, versatile design people love.”

Windows 10 Creators Update: Free Update in Early 2017

The Free Update will let you create, share, and experience things in 3D and mixed reality. Additionally, with this update, Microsoft Edge will become the first 3D browser in history.

3D and Mixed Reality: The World will indeed be more lively and connected

A whole lot of Windows 10 features will combine elements of 3D and Mixed reality. While 3D has been introduced for Paint, a new online community called has been introduced to connect creators across the globe and share their 3D creations.
MS Office Apps too will support 3D models and have new inking aspects. The Windows 10 Creators Update will also enable people to experience Mixed Reality at affordable prices. HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Dell would be the first to ship VR headsets capable of supporting Mixed Reality through Creators Update.

Beam Technology: Every Gamer would be a broadcaster

Straight from the horse’s mouth:
“We’re making it super easy for anyone to become a game broadcaster or watch live gameplay with Beam technology that we’re building into Windows 10 and Xbox One, and we’re adding custom, gamer-created tournaments to Arena on Xbox Live. So whether you’re playing on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC, Xbox is bringing every player together to play, compete, and broadcast.”

So those are the biggest announcements from the Windows 10 Event.

Not be left behind, Apple introduced a major updated to its high end laptop Macbook Pro which has not had any major overhaul over the last 4 years.
To give the Mac a more iPhone like feel, Apple on Thursday showed unveiled MacBook Pros that have a Touch Bar. It’s a touch-screen strip at the top of the keyboard that changes to display functions specific to the app being used. Last month, Apple had launched a software update that put its Siri voice assistant on the Mac.

For more weekly Tech Updates, stay tuned to Friday Essentials.

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