Friday Essentials: Become Santa With Cryptocurrency Charities

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence”- Anonymous

These chilly winter mornings herald the most eagerly awaited holidays of the entire year. Christmas is here! Along with it comes, carol singing, hot chocolate by the yule log fire and family and friends. We share good wishes and exchange presents. There are smiles all around.

What a wonderful year 2017 has been. Many trends have come and gone. Many technologies have come and gone. We have adapted to these fast changing times and open our minds to the whole new world that has ‘Virtual Money’ and ‘Virtual Pets’ too.

Cryptocurrency is the name of the game. Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoins are the many options which back in January were words only our so called nerdy friends knew about. We witnessed the sudden and astronomical rise in the value of the Bitcoin in the last month. It has become such a popular term, as everyone wants a piece of this pie!

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of ignorance surrounding this technology. Those in the know, or had been from its inception in 2009 probably, are happily sipping eggnog, while roasting chestnuts and grinning everytime they look at their wallet. ( a virtual account which stores your cryptocurrencies)

So how are you going to invest your earning? Mine more cryptocurrencies or invest in stocks? We offer you a third option, keeping in mind the Christmas spirit. Charity.

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As the popularity of Bitcoin grows, it’s acceptance by charities was bound to rise. This has in turn become such a big landmark in the manner in which charity organisations are run. Usually, an average of 70% of the donations that were received went into paying off the salaries of the employees of the organisations and the rent of the office space. What remained was squandered off in hosting galas and fairs to increase incoming funds. What an Ouroboros loop!

The technology that has brought about this change is called Blockchain. On it, separate nodes or blocks are made which have the entire data of the transaction saved. They even have nodes which hold record of the origin of each and every individual Bitcoin! This immense record tracking utilises ‘Smart Contracts’. They hold information of all the terms and conditions which are applicable for an employment or a transaction to occur successfully. If the stipulations are not met between two parties that have entered the contract, further transactions are not allowed by the blockchain and that leads to a fork or split in it.

With such a strict monitor or guidelines, it is actually the best time to donate to charities, because now you can be sure that the money you have transferred for charity will actually be used for charity!

We have mentioned few of the organisations who not only accept cryptocurrencies but also offer complete transparency in regards to their dealings.

  1. Electronic Frontier Foundation:

electronic frontier foundation

This organisation advocates civil rights. Plain and simple. Our right to information, our right to our civil liberties. It doesn’t matter whether they are violated online or in the real world. A violation on any platform is reason enough for the EFF to fight for us. They started to accept Bitcoins as donations way back in 2011. EFF is probably the most famous for their fights for open source development and the freedoms tethered to the digital information age. With the end of Net Neutrality, such organisations act as a beacon of hope. You can donate to them with your Bitcoin here

2. BitGive:


BitGive is the best proof of the immense transparency which Blockchain Technology provides. It helps create nodes which hold data and the people behind them accountable. BitGive started accepting Bitcoins way back in 2013. Not only does this organisation raise money for their charity cases, they have also helped other Non-Profit organisation with funds like Medic Mobile, TECHO, Save the Children and The Water Project among many others. With the focus on increasing transparency in all the fields of this organisation, we believe BitGive is worth sending your Bitcoins to.

Note- This application has been discontinued

  1. Epic Change:



This organisation has moved us the most. Focused entirely on children, the nonprofit has built classrooms in Tanzania, while also crowdfunding projects in Afghanistan, Nepal, the US, and Kenya. Wow! To add to these glorious achievements, Epic Change has sired a number of successful projects in the past such as Twitter Kids of Tanzania, Love Apocalypse, Wonder Study, Epic Thanks, To Mama With Love, and LaLa Love. We do hope, that you donate to them so that the children, that are our future, grow up to be educated citizens of the society. You can use your Bitcoins and donate to them here

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  1. Last Door:

Last Door

Last Door is an organisation which offers hope when all hope is lost. They are focused on children and adults alike, who are substance abusers. All they need is that want one chance with which they can right all their wrongs. An opportunity to rejoin society stigma and addiction free. Last Door has many success stories to their credit. As an organisation, they offer family programs and even offer medical support for the co-occurring illnesses from quitting drugs. They have been accepting Bitcoin from 2013. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and you can donate via Bitcoins here

5.The SENS Research Foundation:

SENS Research foundation

Focused on helping the senior citizens get back their dignity and live their life free of Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The SENS Research Foundation is currently the only non profit organisation that is aimed at finding a cure for these diseases. With the amount of funding that goes into cancer research, it is paramount that we shift focus and help them. They accept donation in Bitcoins, Ethereum, LiteCoins and other Cryptocurrencies. You can Donate to them here

There you have it. We hope that, if even a single organisation catches your fancy, you will definitely donate to them. Become a Secret Santa to millions across the globe. Help others. We from Systweak, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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