Friday Essentials: Alert for Fortnite Game Lovers!

Fortnite, a survival game developed by Epic Games is one of the trendiest games in the market right now. Released already for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, macOS and PlayStation 4. Now, people are eagerly waiting for its Android Version. In just a matter of months the game has become a global phenomenon. Fortnite has over 45 million addicts.

With all the hype around this popular video game, hackers are taking advantages of the excitement among people to spread malware- that includes to spy users, cryptojacking and adware. Several Doppelganger apps making the rounds on the Internet & posing as original Fortnite game.

Read the coming blog to know the whole story.

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What users need to know?

This cross-platform game begins, when you fall from the sky with a parachute and tasked with finding items such as guns and ammo to defend yourself from other players. With this multiplayer game you can have as many as 99 other players in this game. And the last person to be alive in the match wins.

The trend of floating fake apps during the release of legit version of prominent games is seen from quite a long time. Source revealed this flow with Epic’s Fortnite as well. As this game will be compatible with every device out there, the user will be able to play it on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, PS4, Xbox one and soon to be coming on Android devices.

  • Seeing the thrill amongst Android users invited Hackers to target them with Malware. Certain Apps are disguised as Fortnite Battle Royale. Once downloaded by users, the spyware begins its work and yield user’s call logs, phone contacts, harvest messages, access camera, wipe device data, access file manager, and it even make calls & send messages.

The fake application looks as shown below:

fake application
  • Not one, there are more fake apps like this swimming in the market to steal your sensitive information. Another one which we came across is Fake Fortnite Virtual Currency App which helps users to earn free V- bucks. But don’t download it because it’s a complete SCAM!

The app asks users to leave positive response on the app’s Google Play Store. And then lead to installing more apps which didn’t make free V-bucks for users but it definitely created real revenue for hackers.

  • Apart from Apps, hackers are also targeting users through fake domains. Some of which came into limelight are:

Beware of these domains!

  • androidapk[.]world
  • officialandroidfortnite[.]com/androidfencpiandroid/
  • androidfortniteapk[.]com
  • betafortnite[.]com

Some website serves to download the Fortnite Battle Royale, while some redirects you to install other unwanted apps for revenue generation and promotion.

 Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Few days back users received an email which claimed that they are selected among the pool for the game’s beta test.

Once user clicks on the link it redirects them to a website called “” which poses like the official website- which you can check out here. Further it asks for mobile verification and leads to switching them to browser where user has to fill some surveys so that they can start the game journey.

Fortnite Beta

The Ultimate Solution?

If in case you have clicked these links or downloaded the game already. Follow the steps below for your precaution:

Step 1= Go to Settings Menu.

Step 2= Go to Accessibility option.

Step 3= Click on Fortnite App and Turn Off access.

Since we suggest not to download any. apk files or apps from Unknown sources. But in case if you are suspicious about having any malware infection on your device. We recommend using Systweak Anti-Malware App for the best mobile security for your Android Device!

 Systweak Anti-Malware

– It can scan & destroy all infections from your device in just fraction of seconds.

– It will help you in getting rid of Malware, Adware, Spyware and Phishing Scams.

– It runs in background and block real time malware attack on your Android Device.

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What’s next?

Epic Games remained silent for its Android release, according to some trustable sources the potential release for Android version is after a big E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). So probably we would be enjoying this game on our Android devices within five weeks.

We care for our users and we understand that you are excited for its release but do not try to install the game before its official announcement from Epic Games. Consider the aforementioned links & images of fake apps & domains to protect you from getting hacked.

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