Friday Essentials: 8 Obsolete Gadgets You Can’t Help but just Miss…

Yes, Friday is here! There’s something special about Friday vibe, isn’t it? We just like feel like rushing to home and relax in those comfy pajamas. The max work pressure that we can handle as of now is of fantasizing about our weekend plans. No kidding!

As technology is evolving at a rocket speed you never know when your favorite gadgets become obsolete. Be it your smartphone your laptop or might be internet too, you never know! No one can say for sure what’s around the next corner.


So, this Friday we just thought of giving you a dose of nostalgia with these 8 unique (although obsolete) gadgets. We’re sure they must’ve been a great part of your life, but slowly slipped away from us. So join us for a spirited send-off.

Here you go!

  1. TV Video Games


Yes, it had to be number on our list. Cuz you have to agree that video games have been a great part of our childhood. The names “Street Fighter” and “Mortal Combat” are enough to pump our adrenaline rush. Yes, even today! Remember how crazy it used to be collecting all those game loaded cassettes? Ah, good times!

  1. Digital Cameras


There was a time when owning a Digi-cam gave you quite the guts to flaunt amongst your friends, but now talking about 8 to 12 megapixel resolution is like Pssst! Every other smartphone’s story. For those who carry their phones everywhere, there’s absolutely no reason to carry a compact digital camera. In fact, it’ll make you look like a nerd, yeah True Story!

  1. Traditional Landline Phones


To be honest, we’re not exactly sure why cable and phone providers are still unwilling to make these entirely obsolete. The only places where we actually see landlines now is at front desk reception or where landline phones are necessary, like hospitals, call centers, or sales offices. Regardless of this fact, we’re sure traditional land line phones will become entirely obsolete any time soon.

  1. The Actual Alarm Clocks


Umm..okay so when was the last time you actually picked up a standalone alarm clock to set a wake up alarm for morning? Seems like a thing of past now, right? This is another slow death which was performed by none other than “Our Smartphones”. Now since our smart phones are so well equipped who picks up a heavy alarm clock instead?

  1. The Fax Machine


Why fax when you can attach? Especially since most documents are now created on computers, the facsimile has surely made its way on “endangered species list”.

  1. Boom box


Your iPod may look cool, but can you balance it on your shoulder and blare your funky beats at obnoxiously high volumes? Didn’t think so. The boombox — also known as the Jam box, reached its peak popularity during the 1980s, when big hair, stone-washed jeans and bad dancing enjoyed similarly unaccountable heydays.

  1. Calculator


Yes, it was a big life savior back then, especially during our Mathematics exam. But why did it become obsolete? Why? Because we all carry smartphones in our pockets that can do the same thing. Duh!

  1. CD’s


Poor CD’s. But could anybody surpass the amazing convenience of digital music and the worldwide adoption of the iPod? No matter how “hep” our CD collection may have looked and how bad we miss em’, they’re gone!

Here were a few obsolete gadgets that still occupy a special place in our heart. Some are in danger of disappearing, while others have already vanished. Did we forget anything? Drop us a comment, we’d love to update our list with your personal favorite.

The next-soon-to-come item we predict for this list is “Smartphone”! Time will only tell….

Happy Friday fellas ?

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