Friday Essentials: 8 Bizarre Gizmos Revealing the Weird Side of Tech

It’s Friday again! Most of you must be feeling like zombies by now. So grab that beer; put your favorite trance track on and start your weekend on a ‘light note’ (pun intended).

Here’s a list of 8 weird inventions that will add an extra zing to your mundane routine, should you choose to get any one (or all) of them some day!

Weird is good. Shrek’s proof enough!

First Up…

1. EyeSeeCam

You are bound to draw attention with this one. Scientists at the University of Munich Hospital have built up the EyeSeeCam, which gives you a chance to control head-mounted cameras just by moving your eyes!


2. LED Umbrella

An LED shaft to light your way. Shine Bright like a Diamond.


3. Flow Hive

Nobody like to get smothered by a swarm of bees! So this one lets you harvest pure honey directly from a hive, avoiding mess, fuss, and reducing the disturbance for the bees. Maybe you can present this one to an Uncle who has rears bees! Just saying…


4. Foldscope

Foldscope is a portable and versatile microscope that just happens to be made mostly out of paper.  Yes, science buffs, time to examine all those tiny bacteria and how!


5. Robot Lawnmower

Well, with a gadget like this it’ll be tough to “Keep off the Grass”!


6. Self-Propelled Suitcase

Anytime you come to an incline like a hill or a ramp, this self-propelled suitcase will power itself up the slope. So now travel in style! And Don’t worry about your luggage…


7. LCD Belt Buckle

To turn your pants into a walking movie house. Word of advice to the nerds out there: Don’t try it out on your first date unless you wanna creep your girl out.


Hold your breath for the last one!

8. Power Pooper Scooper

Show your pet who;s the boss if you are tired of picking those ugly droppings every morning! Do it the easy way with this inventive and battery-powered poop vacuum that can pick up 150 pieces of waste at a time. Now this is one ‘poopy’ gadget.


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