Friday Essentials: 7 Amazing Places You Should Visit This Weekend On Your VR Headset!

You don’t need to have big plans to enjoy your weekend. Technology can come in handy. For instance,  how about traveling the world without getting out of your home. All you need is a VR travel app (such as YouVisit Available for free on App store and Playstore) on your smartphone and of course VR glasses.

fridayYou can visit hotels, campuses and many other amazing places with VR. We know that when the whole world is in front of you then it is difficult to choose the best places to visit. So here is a list of places you should visit to make your weekend amusing.

  1. NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab:


Start the weekend learning some tech. You will find this destination in the App. It is a place where NASA trains its astronauts to work in space. You will get a virtual guide who will explain the place and equipment to you.

  1. Tomorrow World:


You will love to be here and feel the music. Go full volume. Enjoy this destination to its fullest. No hassle of tickets you are just in Tomorrow World.

  1. Choose from hikes around the world:


Sit at the top of the world with a cup of coffee. Choose from the famous high altitudes of the world and feel that you can touch the sky but do not forget to hold the coffee mug tight.

  1. Roam around the city that never sleeps:


Enjoy night life roaming around the streets of New York. Traffic will not bother you and you will not need an umbrella if it is raining.

  1. Fly over the finest architecture of the world:

fly over

Choose to have a helicopter ride and fly through the amazing architecture of the world. Be it Houston or New York. Peek into the high rises through windows from your chopper!

  1. Explore underwater life:


Large part of our planet is covered with water. Wear your VR headsets and dive deep to explore underwater life. But do not mess with marine creatures, even virtually.

  1. End your trip at the Mother City:

mother city

Give it a soothing end at Cape Town. You will love to spend evening exploring the beauty of city lights and their reflection in clear water. Explore the beauty of Cape Town and come back to the real world with great memories.

Fast Forward: Welcome back to home! This Monday you will have lots of things to boast about! Tech has made World even smaller. Eh!

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