Friday Essentials: 5 Sci-Fi Creatures That Stole The Show

What an amazing win for all Sci-Fi genre lovers. Guillermo del Toro won the Oscar for Best Director and for best film 2018, for ‘The Shape of Water’. It also boasts of having the distinction of 13 Oscar nominations and 4 wins! He dedicated his award to the young dreamers who were showing the world how to get things done. This is probably the first time in 90 years of Oscar history that a ‘monster/creature’ movie won this honored distinction.

What makes ‘The Shape of Water’ different from all the other Sci-Fi movies is that it makes one empathise with a creature that has been taken from the black lagoon. We start to feel its pain. We share the love it feels and the helplessness at its confinement.

The actors that portray such characters on screen, break norms of acting and hide behind a mask and still manage to enact and display their talent while depicting the uncertainty of the unmatchable creatures that they portray. While there have been few, but, such creatures and monsters have still managed to steal the show and our hearts irrespective of the length of there screen time. They have managed to leap from the screen and into our minds with their distinct presence and mannerism. We honour them with this list of the class acts of monsters and creatures.

5) ET: Extra Terrestrial =

Extra Terrestrial

This movie holds a special place in our hearts. It was based on stuff that even our wildest dreams can’t imagine. Meeting and eventually bonding with a being from space is beyond our imaginations and expectations. That’s exactly what happened to young Elliot. ET is a simple Botanist. But, he is an alien being. When their spaceship lands on earth to collect samples, poor ET is left behind by accident. What follows is an emotional journey between Elliot and ET. They share a psychic bond which leads to some hilarious moments and many heart wrenching ones. The climax of the film, in which ET boards the spaceship along with the chrysanthemum vase is forever going to be etched in our minds. You are forever in our hearts ET!

 4) Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back = Star Wars!

Yoda The Empire Strikes Back

This movie launched a multi BILLION dollar franchise and along with it, gave us the most iconic Grand Master of the Jedi Order of all time. Speaking in Anastrophe (Object, Subject, Verb) style, Master Yoda plays a key role in grooming and eventually leading a young, angry and confused Luke Skywalker towards his destiny. Even in the recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he appeared as a ghost to Luke and Master reminded the pupil that a Jedi must always be sure of his path. This inspiring character was created with the help of small sized actors wearing costumes. ( except for The Last Jedi where in Yoda was depicted with the help of puppetry and special effects.) Yoda has created a legacy of being one of the most iconic characters to appear on the screen.

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 3) Slimer: Ghostbusters =


Slimer is probably the first character that may not have much screen time in the movie, but created a niche fan following in the subsequent animated tv series of the same name. In many interviews Slimer is described as “The Ghost of John Belushi” by Dan Aykroyd. This loveable eating machine ghost has spawned a fandom of lazy, hedonistic binge eaters.Famous for his gigantic appetite and the slime he leaves behind when he passes through solid objects, Slimer sure is a fan favorite. The Proton Packs that the Ghostbusters use trap ghost and spirits that go bump in the night. Trust Slimer to be the only one to Slime his way out of one!!

2) Rocket Raccoon: Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 =

Guardians of the Galaxy

An intelligent, expert marksman and master tactician who is also the team’s pilot and technical expert. One would think we are talking about the main protagonist of an action movie. Who we are talking about is an anthropomorphic raccoon, that is officially named 89P13. Rocket to his friends and enemies alike this Guardian of the Galaxy has a wicked sense of humor. He is also best friends with Groot. ( another fan favorite ) with a history steeped in comic books, this character has been on and off screen and on comic books since the 1976. Its recent avatar on screen was created with the help of Motion capture. His best friend Groot has just one thing to say about our Number 2, “ I am Groot ”. Yes Groot. That explains so much about Rocket!

1) Frank the pug : Men in Black 1, 2 =

 Frank the pug

Number one on our list of the characters or creatures that stole the show is Frank the Pug from the iconic movie Men in Black. What started out as a tertiary character with mere 15 minutes of screen time, Frank got promoted to the role of Partner for Jay in the second movie. He was unfortunately exempted from the following sequel simply because the powers to be wanted to showcase new characters to the trilogy. The reason for this promotion in the second movie was both creative and official because the audience loved the snarky pug. Frank now is the main protagonist in the animated video game “Men In Black: Alien Crisis” Way to go Frank!

So concludes our short list of the most relatable and loveable characters and creatures which may not have been the main protagonist of the movie but still managed to make their presence felt. What they deserve is an independent venture with them in the lead.

We can also hope that the Academy starts a new trend in which the movies from the genre of science fiction get their dues. It been much awaited and long overdue. Guillermo Del Toro’s win is just a step in the right direction.

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