Friday Essential: Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther! What an amazing movie. I have not stop chanting ‘Wakanda Forever’ since leaving the theater. The assemble cast, costumes, the never seen before traditions and the tech… Oh sweet mother of god! The tech is just out of this world. Why won’t it be? Afterall, it was a meteorite that crashed in Wakanda, Africa, that commenced its peoples technological advancement. Spoiler alert before you proceed any further. We shall be divulging in the glorious tech that is features in the film.

Wakanda Origins:

Wakanda Origins

One would think, that according to NASA, there are millions of meteorites falling into our atmosphere all the time. Only, as it enters the hemisphere, they either burn up or break down into fine dust.


Well, that one awesome meteorite survived the journey through space and brought in its core, ‘The Vibranium Ore’. While we have many ‘iums’ in our Periodic table of Chemicals, Adamantium and Vibranium are probably the most coveted ones. They are the main source behind ALL the weapons and technologies that are featured in Marvel or DC Comics. For this blog purpose, let’s focus on just Vibranium. Hypothetically retailing at $10,000 per meagre gram, it is the most precious commodity in existence. It absorbs momentum and energy incoming projectiles, causing them to simply fall to the ground rather than ricochet in unpredictable directions. What this means is that it absorbs shock waves and vibration. This helps the Black Panther sleathly get past the enemies. It is used exclusively in the creation of the Black Panther suit which has rendered it BOMB PROOF! In the recent movie, Princess Shuri, the tech genius, updated the Black Panther suit with Nanotechnology (more on that later).

captian america

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Previously, it was known to be the core metal in Captain America’s Shield but many don’t know that it is radioactive in nature. It affected the flora and fauna all around Wakanda. The heart shaped flower’s seed is used to give superhuman strength to the drinker. This one chance instance started a chain reaction due to which a farming nation became a superpower. While they kept their technological advancement a secret from the entire world, it can be safely assumed that their merchants had bootleg ‘DVDs’ of Beethoven selling back in the day. Or maybe they had 3D holograms telecasting Woodstock live!


Wakanda Technology:

This country has an amazing array of technology that it has incorporated in their everyday life.  Lets have quick look at the top 3.


  • Black Panther Suit:

The suit featured in the current movie has been created by Princess Shuri. Apart from serving its purpose of working as an armour, it absorbs energy and redistributes it as a blast upon its release. The suit is compressible and squeezes itself into a necklace. This helps the ‘Black Panther’ to suit up on the go. With extendable claws made of Vibranium, it is probably the most advanced and perfectly created supersuit we have seen in a long time.

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  • Kimoyo beads bracelet:

Kimoyo beads bracelet

The massive amount of Vibranium resource, has probably helped in creating this gem. Kimoyo beads are encrypted beads that have multiple use.


  • Prime Bead: Gives detailed medical information about the wearer and keeps them updated on their health and ailments.


  • Communication Bead: this helps generate a 3d hologram during a telephonic conversation. As these beads are usually worn on the wrist, one does not need to carry a phone. Simply raise your wrist and start talking to the 3d holograph. There are those who also claim that Wakandan that know sign language can send out text messages in this manner.


  • AV Bead: This helps in creating a 3D Audio visual of a particular area or lets one access any file.

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  • Camouflage :

camafluage camafluage

This is probably the most awesome technology created by Wakanda. Where Captain Fury failed in trying to hide and stealthily take the Avengers to safety, Wakandans have managed to camouflage their entire nation at their borders!! The protection it provides is so massive that after generations, a non Wakandan won’t know how to reach this country. Amongst other things that they have camouflaged are their aircrafts, their shields and even provided its access to spies like Nakia. The Border tribe that maintains the countries boundaries, wear a blue cloak. It is woven with Vibranium and when flexed, acts as a shield. Wow!

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Wakanda Future it has:

Isn’t it sad that Wakanda is a fictitious place? They have so many more technologies to offer that can inspire us to adapt in our everyday lives. Sonic Stabilization, Magnetic stabilization, the high tech armour and the amazing cloak shields. Why is Wakanda not real? Why can’t we move there? Also, the jabaris are vegetarians. They don’t have a queen. I volunteer! Wakanda Forever!!

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