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Inventions don’t  happen by chance or in random order. Science & Technology move hand in hand, in a very logical way to each discovery leading on from the last. How mind-boggling is it that about 30,000 years ago, we domesticated the first animals & thousands of years later we used metal for the first time?  But don’t worry we will not take you that back in time, but just revisit the 90’s where evident notable moments count.

Let’s drive back to the 90’s:

Today in History of tech: April 27, 1981

The First Personal Computer Mouse – The first integrated mouse makes it appearance with the Xerox. They produce a commercial mouse for its 8010 Information System also known as “Star”. It has two buttons, ball tracking and a precision injection-molded inner frame. The design was a breakthrough & sets to stage for cheap & affordable consumer mice that everyone could access. hough it was not a commercial success & remained in dimness until Apple Macintosh brought the concept of mouse into mainstream.

personal computer mouse
Image Source: Soft Mind

April 25, 1996

Do You Yahoo – While the domain was created in January 1995, but by the end of the year it had millions of hits. In 1996, Yahoo aired its first advertisement on national television, featuring the tagline “Do You Yahoo?”, which subsequently opened the doors for the Internet into mainstream world.

do you yahoo

April 12, 1981

First Space Shuttle Launch – A new era in space flight, when Space Shuttle Columbia, or STS-1(Space Transportation System), soared into orbit from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In its entire lifetime, it made 135 flights until the program ended in 2011.The mission lasted 54.5 hours, and the crew orbited earth 37 times and it traveled 1.074 million miles during the mission. Initially, it was planned to launch the space shuttle on April 10th, but due to some problems there was a delay of 48 hours & launched exactly 20 years after Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly into space. Wow!

first space shuttle

April 6, 1992

Say Hello to Windows 3.1

Microsoft empathized the users for their growing demands and interests and developed Windows 3.1x (codenamed Janus). It was the first of its segment to support multimedia extensions with sound cards, CD audios, VGA monitors and enhanced the support for high-speed modems. Previous versions were fighting for the acceptance by users due to incompatibility with old machine. Thus, Windows 3.1 was the first one to gain a widespread exposure in the consumer market. The first copy was launched on April 6, 1992 and in a short span of two months, Microsoft sold three million copies of Windows 3.1. This version was later superseded by Windows 95, released on August,1995.

windows 3 version

April 3, 1973

First Cell Phone Released

With a team of engineers at Motorola, Martin Cooper built a brick-like device which later came up to be a cellular telephone. Martin made his first call while walking down the street to one his competitor Joel Engel, who was an engineer at AT&T and was working to build something similar. He dialed and hoisted this thing up to his ear and said he made a functional portable phone.

first cellphone 

April 23, 2005

First YouTube Video – 2005? Like just 13 years ago the first-ever video was uploaded to YouTube. Time Flies! It was a 19 second video called “Me at the Zoo”, though the guy called Jawed Karim made a history, but the video was pretty dumb. The nineteen-second video was shot at the San Diego Zoo, featuring Jawed in front of the elephants and professing his interest in their “really, really, really long trunks.

first youtube video
Image Source:

April 12,1961

First Man in Space

At the age of 27, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the person to journey into outer space by completing an orbit of the Earth in his Vostok Spacecraft. He was a Soviet Russian pilot and a cosmonaut. He spent A hour and forty-eight minutes in space before entering the atmosphere again.

The legend died while training for the second mission in mig-15, the aircraft crashed near Moscow on March 27,1968.

first man in space
Image Source:


We are surrounded by plethora of high-tech technologies these days but it always pumps adrenaline in our veins when we read how these technologies actually originated.

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