Friday Essential: The 10 Weirdest and Funniest Video Games Glitches

Games in modern times seems fluent and bug free. But, the games developed are so huge, that is becomes very difficult to find the bug sometimes.

Some of these bugs forms the glitches in the gameplay that results to be the funniest moments of the gameplay. Many great gaming franchises produced games have glitches that totally seems as if they were left on purpose.

Talking about the games and glitches they have, today, we will be talking about the 10 weirdest and funniest glitches in the gaming world till now.

1. Grand Theft Auto III

 gta 3

Have you ever heard of a cannon powered tank? Imagine a world where ammunition and cannon shells are used to power vehicles. Sounds like a totally killer and explosive idea, right? And it also upholds the 2nd Amendment. War is peace!

2. Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City Stories


This time there were no tanks who could fly. But, in this one every other vehicle flies. How? There is a swing glitch. Every swing present in the game will take you in the clouds at the speed of rocket.

What if any patient was in there? Damn cruel people!

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3. Team Fortress 2

team fortress

Team Fortress 2 had a hilarious glitch. Ever seen a man walking like a crab? Yes, you might have, if you have played Team Fortress 2.

To walk like a crab all you have to do walk, crouch or run straight while holding a disguise kit. We don’t blame the developers as one certainly can’t do all these actions together without looking like this. Even in real life!

4. Resident Evil 4


You know what’s worse than Meth? Brain parasites! Don’t believe it? Look at these plaga infected villagers. Have you ever seen grown men do this? Or maybe it’s because they’re Spanish? We still have our doubts.

5. Mass Effect

 mass effect

Yes, Mass Effect just introduced the new form of dance. Or maybe he’s just trying to find his way to the men’s room.

This bug seems as if it was left on purpose. Developers might have enjoyed the dance in making.

6. Call of Duty: World at War

call of duty

Someone has said the truth, “There is no peace even after death”. Look at the fellow, trying to climb the stairway to heaven. May his soul Rest in Peace.

7. Battlefield 3 (Beta)


This glitch was only observed in the beta version of the game. Some of you might have played the beta version. As we can see here nobody could guess what this character is trying to do. And, from where is he firing? Are you thinking of something wrong? Speechless!

8. Fallout: New Vegas

 fall out

We’re sure fans of the Fallout series have seen some crazy things in game. In fact, no one noticed the above glitch cos they actually thought this was a normal thing being a Fallout game.

9. Assassin’s Creed

assassins creed

Of course, there’s nothing wrong when you find people trying to get extra friendly with walls. My freemason friends tell me it was perfectly normal back in the days since “We love stone walls”, literally!

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10. Red Dead Redemption

 read dead redemption

You know you need to invent roads when your horse cart starts doing this. Or at least check the goddamned suspension! Where’s Henry Ford?

So, this was all! This was the list of some of the funniest glitches present in games from great gaming franchises. Hope you enjoyed it!

If we missed out some glitches, mention the names of the games with more funny glitches in the comment section below. We will be waiting for your response!

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