Friday Essential: Buffy Verse! Once in a Generation

Technology & Mythology. No one in their right minds would ever believe that these 2 polar opposite topics could ever merge. But, this was made possible in a teen show that graced our screens 21 years back. We speak of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show took a very novel approach as far as getting the twine to meet. On one hand, the characters of the show spouted out Latin incantations whereas at the same time infused technology as a foundation on which the characters grew. A seemingly nerdish teen girl who always had a book in her hand, grew into a confident woman who became one of the best hackers ever! With this in mind, we tip our hats to the show that was way ahead of its time.

Buffy the Series: Exceeding Expectations.

The tv show was a resounding hit. Featuring a vampire with a soul (Angel) a nerd friend who turn into a witch (Willow) a British watcher (Guardian of the slayer) who also works as a part time librarian in Buffy’s high school ( Mr Giles) a boy next door that is in love with a vengeance monster( Xander ) this ensemble cast made a place for themselves in our hearts with every episode.

Buffy the Series

With multiple characters added over the seasons, the show was the most watched on all networks at the time.  Let’s take a look at what made this so unique:

  • Robots! Robots! :

Robots Robots

How could we possibly start this list without mentioning the love this show had for Robots? Adam? Robo Buffy? Adam was transformed into a half human, half machine,and half demon that was practically an indestructible entity! Don’t even get us started on Robo Buffy! While it did seem like a petite Buffy in the beginning, soon the true characteristics of Buffy came into play. The scene on the swing when robo Buffy reaches the end of her battery is one of the most emotional scenes of the show. So, fellow Buffy fans, do think twice before you decide on making Robo Buffy / Willow or Xander with the help of IBM Watson, remember, these robots sure did spell doom for the Scoobies (Buffy and her friends)

  • Text Translation:

Text Translation

Latin is usually considered a dead language. But, how can one ignore the fact that most of our scriptures are written either in old Latin or in Hebrew. Willow, the genius of all things archived, translated volumes upon volumes of latin text into plain english. While a majority of this is usually depicted in a manner that she knows the language and then translates it for the gang, in today’s age, finding a willow is going to be impossible.  Even the big bad Moloch the corruptor! Moloch was a demon that was released onto the internet. There he becomes omnipotent with the vast knowledge of humanity at his disposal. So kids, before you log on to Google Translate to convert old Latin think twice. Least your release your own personal stalker demon like Moloch.

  • Weapons:


Be it the weapons that Giles dives to the Scoobies or the hightech Armory at the disposal of Reily Finn and the other government soldiers, nothing could top Buffy’s wooden spike. The Initiative did utilize weapons as Taser blasters but they are a class apart from the rest of the weapons that were featured. The old weapons that the Scooby gang used are hard to find artifacts. We can experience similar ones online on games like Clash of Clans. But, for the future weapon tech, you can always try out Terminator Genisys: Future War! Talk about having the best of both the worlds.

  • Tracking Chips:

Tracking Chips

Xander who was the heart and soul of the Scoobies, once commented on the amazing job the Initiative had done in implanting a chip inside Spike’s brain. It affected the neurons in his brain and prevented him from killing any human or innocent. This technological advancement would be such a boon for transforming the society as a whole. We sure can hope that while Elon Musk id eyeing the space, someone from his team pays a tiny bit of attention to artificial intelligence back home on planet earth. Image the number of lives we can save with this tech.

In conclusion:

There is no denying the impact, this show had on the lives of the young adults who were regular viewers. Folks, always ask yourself, WWBD? (What would Buffy Do?)


After 21 years, since gracing our TV screens for the very first time, this iconic show has become a muse, an inspiration to many who have reached a stage where they reference it in any manner possible. Be it on Supernatural or the very popular show show, Bones. May be the producers will see the questions that we still left unanswered, whom does buffy end up with? Angel or Spike? Does Willow get Clouser? Don’t even get us started on the AU in the Angel verse! We still want this show and hope they sanction at least one revival episode.

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