Friday Essential: Baffling Technological Facts To Blow Your Minds

We browse for latest technologies & gadgets to awe us, but no one is enthusiastic to know much about some interesting facts that would make us wonder “Like Really, was that even possible?”, to amaze you with reactions like “wow, geez, cool, whoa!” we have listed some strange but true facts about technology.  So, let’s have a quick look at it.

6 Interesting Facts About Technology

  • The Water Computer

The World’s first computer that has an ability to solve partial differential equations was the one developed by Russians in 1936. The six-and-a- half- foot tall computer was ingenious not for its calculation but the way it displays the results. Russian Scientist Vladimir Lukyanov developed this computer with the help of using water-filled tubes to communicate the answers. From the fields like Geology to Rocket Engineering, this technology was used to aid research. It’s now found in Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum.

The Water Computer
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  • Who came first? WWW or Email

Many of will not believe but Email existed before WWW (World Wide Web) came into existence. If you find some free time to kill, then do search a video named “How to send an email – Database – 1984”, there’s a nice depiction to see how emails were sent when there was no World Wide Web and no URL. In the late 1960’s Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself which travelled a distance of one meter between two computers. With help of a computer network called ARPANET the first mail was sent. Like 18 years before (WWW) was invented.

Who came first WWW or Email
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  • Initial Version of YouTube

Very less number of people know that the initial version of YouTube was essentially to be a video-based dating site by the name of Tune-in Hook-Up. Founded on 14th February, it offers users to share videos of themselves about the kind of partner they want. It’s queer but according to technology facts and statistics- several people meet their forever partners on the platform.

Initial Version of YouTube
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  • Someone’s Predicting Future

An interesting development by AI is an SGI Altix supercomputer called Nautilus. It gathered information from 100 million articles that was fed into Nautilus. According to resources, it was able to locate where Osama Bin Laden was hiding within 200km. A self-learning supercomputer- Nautilus was able to predict actual future event.

Someone’s Predicting Future
Image Source:Nautilus
  • Lighter Fonts can save Printer Ink

Have you noticed hundreds of fonts on your computer? You might have used many depending upon your likes and motives. But have you ever wondered that changing the font can help you in the crisis? It might sound weird but change of font can save you from getting into a crisis of ink:

Actually, fonts can help you in saving ink for your printer.

Over the time people have designed and used variety of fonts for various purpose and for different messages but if you select a kind of font that is lighter and have less strokes in the design then you can save a lot of ink of your printer. You didn’t know this right?

Lighter Fonts can save Printer Ink
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  • Strange Domain Name Tales

Until 1995, domain names were available free of cost. Users were able to buy all sort of domains and that too for free. Network solutions were the first to demand rents for it and it was way too expensive. Customers had to pay 100$ for two years.

The company use to donate 30% of the revenue to National Science Foundation.

Talking about the domain names, a strange incident happened when a domain name was sold for $35 million. The buyer was Ben Sharples, owner of a vacation planner website. He said he wanted to steal this domain from Expedia, their competitor.

It once made the headlines when a man purchased 14,962 domains in a single day and crowned himself the king of world.

Strange Domain Name Tales
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There are like plenty of amazing facts about technology we couldn’t imagine! Impress your friends with these interesting facts about technology and amaze them like we did!

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