Friday Essential: All About New PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update

Friday Essentials

PUBG Mobile has another update coming & could be this year’s most exciting one, the all-new season 5 is just around the corner, which means a fresh wave of adventurous content along with new-fangled weapons, gun skins, outfits, and much-awaited zombie & fire theme. Though there are no official confirmations from the company, but several speculations have been made and the all-new PUBG Mobile season 5 seems to be sporting a fiery or post-apocalypse theme.

However, before we get an official announcement from Tencent, it’ll be totally worth to look at all anticipations and leaks.

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What’s New in The Season 5?

Now that Season 4 is on the verge of completion, the Battle Royale game is all set to launch with the freshly-baked adventurous content. Based on several reports, the new season is expected to release in the upcoming week.

The new leaks states that Season 5 will be equipped with new skins, rewards and a new background for the game. You can further expect:

PUBG Season 5 Theme

  • As we know that Season 4 had a winter theme to complement Vikendi snow map, the all-new season is expected to see a Zombie Mode, with a new background showing Erangel on fire.PUBG Season 5 Theme

PUBG Season 5 Skins

  • With upcoming season, you can expect a plethora of new outfits, inspired by Assassin’s Creed, ancient Japanese warriors, birthday cake suit, full-gold body suit for both male & female players. They can get these new outfits either through in-app purchases or by completing the in-game tasks.
  • Based on some major leaks, the new season 5 will also see new vehicle skins, an ice-cream truck skin for Volkswagen van & mad-max inspired skin for Dacia.

PUBG Season 5 Skins

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PUBG Season 5 Weapons

  • PUBG is incomplete without weapons! Season 5 is expected to have gold skins for UMP and AKM, MK47 Mutant (which is currently available only on PC version), black & white dragon skin for Kar98k and much more.

PUBG Season 5 Costumes

  • Bunch of new costumes and accessories complimenting the fire pattern will be brought.

PUBG Season 5 Costumes

PUBG Season 5: Other Additions

  • The most exciting of all, the new update might allow players to finally convert BP currency to UC.
  • Monster hunting mode.
  • New death cam feature to ‘review’ how you died.
  • New dance emotes, classic voices, snow bike & new snow area in Erangel map.
  • Coming to top it all off, there’s high probability that players might get the option of bringing back the old voice into the voice chat quick messages, a custom room option for Vikendi map & a laser light attachment.

PUBG Season 5 monster hunting mode

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What’s New in Royale Pass?

The all-new season 5 will also witness the fresh Royale Pass:

  • Free Pass– Will be available for all the players, you have to complete all the missions, crates, get items, earn Royale points, collect rewards and reach to higher ranking.
  • Elite Pass– Once you purchase the elite pass, you will be given amazing rewards to rank up faster and complete elite missions.
  • Elite Pass Plus– It will cost around 1800 UC, and along with all the benefits of elite pass, you’ll be getting 25 ranks granting which is 40% off in comparison to Elite Pass.

Based on recent statistics, the game had a hugely successful 2018 and lately it has surpassed over 200 million downloads. The game has also attracted around 30+ million contemporaneous players, which shows 2019 to be very profitable one!

So, are you excited for these new updates? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

And, Happy Friday!

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