Friday Essential: 3 Inventions That Break The Laws Of Physics

“What one man calls God, another calls the law of Physics”- Nikola Tesla

We are governed by many different rules. Many of them we break while we drive to work, some we break on the way back. But, there is one set of rules that are impossible to break. They are the rules of physics.

Isaac Newton, the Physicist, didn’t just discover gravity that sunny day as he sat under an apple tree. He went on to establish 3 laws that are the cornerstones of Physics. Newton’s first law of motion, known as the Law of Inertia, states that an object continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless compelled to change that state by an external force. The second of Newton’s law is the law of Motion. It states that if a net force acts on an object, it will cause an acceleration of that object. The third law is probably the most famous of all. The 3rd Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

These rules have become such an integral part of us, that if any inventor talks about any observation or an invention that defy these laws, we turn skeptics and dismiss said claims.

The same was done with Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov. His observation during one of his trial runs, lead to him to believe that he had discovered a Gravity Shield. While this concept and terminology of Gravity Shield isn’t new, it was enough for the skeptics to gang up against him and reduce his finding to a joke. He lost all intellectual credibility and was fired from his post.
Boris Volfson on the other hand, managed to do the impossible. On 1st November 2005, he got a patent for the same device that Eugene Podkletnov claimed. (for those who do not know, the US Patent office refuses to give out patents to any device or gadget or invention that does not follow the norms of physics)

G. Wells had touched upon the same subject in his book, ‘The first Men In the Moon’. While comparisons can be drawn on the philosophy, that the book is trying to preach and the stark reality of wanting to colonize the world!

There are many anti gravity believers but, that does not warrant skepticism from all the others.

We have compiled a list of those path breakers who have something that evolves beyond the trifecta of laws of Physics.


1. Air to Water Converter:

AI to water converter

Indian native, Kumar Loganathan claims to have invented a device that converts vapour which surrounds us in the atmosphere into drinking water. While this may seem rather far fetched, Kumar says, “The device generates water by condensing water vapour from the atmosphere, it purifies the generated water through an ultraviolet light sterilizer providing clean drinking water at less than 84 paise (0.0132 US Dollars) per liter and in the process it also cleanses the air”. This invention has the potential to change lives. But the implication of creating drinkable water out thin air shatters the preconceived norms of Physics. Also, it works as an air conditioner too.

Water Powered Car:

water car

The defamed inventor claimed to have created a car that run on water fuel cell. He claimed that his device had a gadget that separates Hydrogen and Oxygen from the water. It was this Hydrogen that combusted to move fuel the car. While such claims have been made by another in far flung India, it was the untimely death of Meyer that fuels conspiracy theories. As of the time of going to print, Meyer’s patents have expired and are available for access on a public domain. Unfortunately, no corporate or investor has made any claims to it.

3. Thermal Energy Cell:

 thermal energy cell

A team of British and Irish inventors have claimed that they have created a thermal energy cell. It shall help in halving carbon emissions in homes and even reducing the heating bills of the citizens. The researchers believe that the tube, taps into the source of energy which is derived from the hydrogen atoms in the water that are at a subatomic level. This invention harnesses the energy that converts as an electrical current when a mixture of potassium carbonate, water and a chrome based secret liquid catalyst. Further tests are only going to make this invention available to all homes.


In Conclusion: Laws are meant to be broken


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many inventions out there that are either kept a secret or hidden from public eyes. These inventors deserve the recognition and have their inventions broadcasted to all the world. Who knows, one of these hidden inventions may be the key for world peace.

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