Five Things That May Soon Fade To Black (Once This #CoronavirusOutbreak Ends)

Will COVID-19 End The Handshake?

No.. though we may do so a little less often – – and of course with some anxiety! 

The entire world has been shut down. Places that were once swarming with people; now have become ghost-towns. The Novel Coronavirus has turned life upside down & when it will get over, which sadly seems far off; our lives will be changed entirely. Massive restrictions have been implemented, from lockdowns to school closures to bans on mass gatherings, the cause & effect is axiomatic and Newtonian. Obsolescence isn’t always so complete, but emerging technologies and changing scenarios have spelled the end for familiar items & practices.

We’ve rounded up five things that we’ll say goodbye to soon:

Things That May Soon Disappear Forever

Check out these five things that may quickly fade to black:


1. Touch Screens


Whether you are using fast-food ordering terminals or purchasing train tickets, self-service touch screens will get less use from now onwards. Transmission can occur through contaminated surfaces, including self-service check-outs. Though several firms will tout frequent cleaning but using shared surfaces can undoubtedly increase the infection risk.

Individuals would now be turning to their smartphones instead of every day to day task. This gives Mobile/App Developers an excellent opportunity to design and develop user-friendly smartphone apps. Additionally, voice commands and gesture recognition are potential substitutes, but their usability is limited.

Touch Screens

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2. Your Privacy


If you are digital, you should better assume that you already have no privacy. Every mouse click and keystroke is tracked and potentially used by marketers & hackers. The growing lists of devices with sensors are already at boom. Other privacy tracking innovations like Wi-Fi signals track your online activities, be it when you are shopping something online or walking down to your heartbeat.

Today businesses have become so advanced that they can collect piles of phone conversation data for mining. Now think of this, most of us are already using our smartphones for tracking the spread of COVID-19, opening the doors to track where you are, who you’ve been near & for how long.

Your Privacy 

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3. College Textbooks


Undoubtedly, by the end of the decade, e-books & e-learning resources will displace tangible textbooks since distance education is yielding more bangs for the buck in comparison with today’s books. And, interactive apps and software are testing student’s inclination towards virtual learning.

Several schools and education institutions are collaborating to develop their content in the form of digital formats and cut down traditional educational resources. Indeed, the educational industry is into complete transformation!

College Textbooks 

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4. Fast Food Workers


Sure, taking orders and preparing meals are tasks handle by humans. However, these tasks can be done by bots. Your favorite dine-in restaurants and cafes will notice reduced staff. Moreover, apps (perhaps to a lesser degree amidst the COVID-19) AND kiosks for order placing will be introduced.

Leading industries like Middleby Corp (MIDD) and Boutique Startups like Momentum Machines in San Francisco are taking initiatives to introduce devices that can handle simple tasks like flipping burgers, loading/unloading, dishwashers, etc.

Fast Food Workers

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5. Reusable Bags


Reusable grocery bags are essentials in every household for quite a long time. However, in recent times, as an effort to curb the spread of deadly coronavirus. Health officials in Bay Area counties have already prohibited grocery stores from letting shoppers bring their grocery bags in the stores. Most of us think that reusable bags, when handled by different people during an altered environment, can increase the transmission of the virus.

While no news or studies have been published regarding the spread of deadly coronavirus via reusable bags, it’s all fear-based. But since people aren’t sure about such scenarios, everyone is taking precautions.

Reusable Bags 
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How COVID-19 Will Change The Whole Scenario

A crisis on such a vast scale can dramatically transform society, maybe for better or worse. Here’s what top forward thinkers have to say:

COVID-19 Will Change The Whole Scenario

COVID-19 Will Change The Whole Scenario
Image Source: Politico


This, too, shall pass. The curve will flatten & humanity will survive. One day, this war against COVID-19 will be won. But undeniably, the world that emerges today will be different from what we lived before the pandemic hit. Here’s how small businesses can survive the crisis & who will become the winners & losers in the new business world?

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