Finish Your Fitness Goals Faster With Apple GymKit: Complete Guide

Since WatchOS 4 was released for Apple’s Smartwatch, it has been doing a pretty decent job in tracking and monitoring your workout sessions. But if you love hitting the gym and want for point to point accurate results, then here comes a good news. Apple Watch is now capable of taking your workout sessions at a whole new level by introducing a brand new fitness focused feature known as GymKit.

If you want accurate results about how many calories you burnt or how many miles you covered on treadmill then GymKit can offer super precise results to you. It enables gym equipment makers, including Life Fitness and Technogym, to add new functions to treadmills, stepping machines and stationary bikes. So, if you’re wearing your Apple watch, all the data in the machine and watch will get synced up automatically.

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Isn’t this a jolly news for all gym lovers? Let’s understand Apple’s GymKit deeply for a better understanding.

Understanding Apple GymKit

apple gymkit

There are a few times when we face trouble while using gym equipments. Like when our Apple watch fails to understand whether you’re climbing virtual stairs on a stair-stepper, or incline on a cross-trainer or treadmill. In moment like these our Apple watch doesn’t act “Smart” or worthy of its price, isn’t it? Enters GymKit. Now you won’t get bugged with imperative results of your gym sessions. Apple GymKit syncs well with all gym machines and provide accurate results and a complete set of data thereby initiating a smooth workout experience.

Let’s see how GymKit works with our Apple Watch

How Does Apple GymKit Works?

Assuming that your Apple smartwatch is up to date with all latest software, let’s see how we can use GymKit to enhance our workout sessions.

  1. First, step on the treadmill machine and move your watch towards the sensor.
    applem gymkit sensor
  2. Now look for the “Connects to Apple Watch logo.” If it has that, your machine is ready to go. Then, tap your Apple Watch against the NFC reader. Wait for a chime to confirm the connection.
    apple watch logo
  3. The first time when you connect your device to the machine you’ll get an alert on your Smartwatch asking you to confirm whether you’re ok sharing your data with machine.
    apple gymkit data share
  4. Just tap on the watch screen to confirm and you’re then good to go.
  5. There will be two options displayed on the watch screen—indoor run and indoor walk.
    apple gymkit run
  6. Hit any button on the treadmill to start your usual workout.
    apple gymkit workout
  7. Once you’ll start using the machine, you’ll instantly see you hear beat moving on the watch screen along with other relevant data as well.
    apple gymkit data share
  8. The data on the watch and the machine will now measure accurately.
  9. Once your workout session is over, you’ll also get a detailed summary on your watch.
    apple gymkit watch summary
  10. Super simple, right?

GymKit is a great initiative by Apple to improve the accuracy of our workout sessions. However, presently there’s only one loophole with this technology. GymKit technology will take up some years or few more months until it hits all the gymnasiums. Also, not every equipment of your gym will be compatible with your watch. Only a few machines like treadmills, elliptical (crosstrainer) machines, bikes and steppers will get the GymKit love for starters.

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We hope that newer gyms like Lifetime Athletic, Equinox and others will launch with GymKit-enabled machines soon. Fingers Crossed!

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