How to Find the Hidden Pictures on an SD Card

There are many hidden images on your Android that you probably don’t know of. These hidden images are formed due to cache, thumbnails, temporary files, etc. By staying hidden, they do not appear in your photo gallery as duplicates but they do consume unnecessary storage space. There is no manual process known that can recover these photos and bring them to your knowledge, let alone remove them forever and help you regain the storage space that you were always short of.

Introducing Systweak’s Photos Cleaner, a fantastic tool that scans your Android smartphone and finds the hidden pictures that were always out of your sight. This post will show you how to find the hidden images on Android using the only way available.

Systweak's Photos Cleaner

How to find the Hidden pictures on an SD card

Hidden pictures

Step 1: Click the button below to download and install Systweak Photos Cleaner from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: To launch the app, tap the shortcut icon created on your Android home screen and select the Scan Photos button.


Step 3: A prompt will be displayed asking the user to grant all essential permissions for viewing photos, media, and files.

Step 4: The application will now scan and identify all of the photographs on your smartphone, and classify them into various categories.

Step 5: Tap on the Category you want to check and mark the unwanted images.


Step 6: The final step is to click on the Trash Bin icon to delete the marked images forever.

Trash Bin

Systweak Photos Cleaner: Find The Hidden Pictures

Systweak Images Cleaner is an Android photo recovery program that scans and finds all of your device’s hidden and deleted photos, displaying them all in one interface. The main goal of this program is to help you retrieve lost memories and remove photos that are taking up space on your device. Here are some features of Systweak Photos Cleaner that will help you learn more about it.

Systweak Photos Cleaner

Reclaim Lost Storage Space

All smartphone users struggle with storage space, and upgrading to a higher-capacity SD card isn’t always the answer. Scanning and determining why the storage space is occupied and how the space might be gained is an alternative resolution. Duplicates should be removed, unnecessary programs should be uninstalled, and junk files should be deleted, to name a few methods. However, a few specialists are aware of one task: deleting undesired and garbage photos that are made in the form of thumbnails and cached images.

Scans internal and external memory

External SD cards attached to your phone can be scanned with the same efficiency and algorithms as the phone’s internal storage by Systweak’s Photos Cleaner. This aids in the removal of undesirable and garbage photos.

Improves Performance of Your Phone

Any storage device with more files than it needs slows down. This program is designed to delete unneeded image files from your smartphone, allowing it to run better. Searching for files on your phone will take much less time.

Saves Time & Effort

When compared to the manual way, using Systweak’s Photo Cleaner to perform the task of eliminating unwanted photos saves a significant amount of time and effort.

Swift, Simple & Free

An application that is Free-To-Use, simple, and very fast in operation is always considered to be a must-have app on your Android Smartphone.

The Final Word on How to Find the Hidden Pictures on an SD Card


Systweak’s Photo Cleaner application is a wonderful must-have application that helps find the hidden pictures on your SD cards and allows you to copy them to a specific location or delete them for good. There are a lot of hidden files that unnecessarily occupy valuable storage space and images are one of them. While you can optimize your Android phone by deleting junk and temporary files, finding hidden images is a difficult task as they are not considered junk by most cleaning apps. Systweak’s Photo Cleaner is the perfect solution to finding hidden pictures and regaining the storage space on your smartphone.

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