FBI Warned Users Against Ransomware Virus Attacks

   The ransomware menace shook the market already in 2015 and is still continuing with no chance to escape even in 2016.

“Ransomware has proliferated its reach to each and every corner of the world, making hospitals, small- big businesses, and schools vulnerable,” as stated by FBI.

   So far, ransomware was transmitted through spam emails. But as email system services enhanced their security measures to filter out spam, cyber-criminals started attacking individuals. The cyber-criminals attack individuals through phishing emails, various links offering prize money, pop-ups to download software, and access to compromised websites.

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  FBI further added that there are new cases found where cyber-criminals aren’t using emails. In fact, with the advancement in the technology, these criminals have started taking help of legitimate websites with malicious code, and also the advantage of outdated software on end-users’ computers.

Ransomware is gaining importance lately because of the series of payoffs from hospitals. Ransomware has become a major threat to the US healthcare industry.

On talking about how ransomware affects the system, FBI explained that users open an email attachment since it looks legitimate. But actually, it is the malicious ransomware code. Even at times, the link mentioned in the email, which when accessed directs users to a website which infects their computer.

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Once the infection injects the system, malware starts encrypting/ locking files and folders on drives, attached drives, backup drives on the same network that the users’ computer is attached to. Users and organizations remain completely unaware of the attack until they see the warning on the screen about the attack and demand to pay ransom money.

It also consists of instructions on how to pay the ransom, usually with Bitcoins since it provides anonymity, FBI proclaimed.

FBI Warns User against Ransomware:-

FBI has recommended organizations and every individual person to backup data regularly, avoid accessing links received from unknown sources, use reputable anti-virus and firewall, better management of privileged accounts, and isolation of the computers from the backup network.

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Ransomware can attack anybody. Ensure the security of your data from the attacks with the precautions mentioned above.

Cyber-criminals attack users by disguising themselves as a security professional of FBI.

They take support of compromised websites, pop-ups, and other malicious links to infect users’ computers with Ransomware.

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