Fast Charging: Is It Really Worth It?

In this fast-paced world, not only our smartphone processors have become faster, but we’ve also evolved from the traditional method of charging by switching to fast or wireless charging. Gone are those days when we had to plug our device to power and charge it for endless hours to keep it running.

Thanks to technology and innovation as now only 30 minutes are enough to charge our smartphone from almost 0 to 100%. (Phew) Yes, that’s right! That’s the power of fast charging that not only saves time but also keeps our device running for almost an entire day, or maybe more depending upon the usage.

Fast Charging
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We’re nothing but glad a wide majority of modern-day smartphones are designed in a way that supports fast charging capabilities. But is fast charging good for your phone’s battery health? How is fast charging better than normal charging? Are there any disadvantages associated with fast charging? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this post, we will provide you answers to all these questions listing the pros and cons of fast charging and everything else that you should know about the common charging myths.

But before that, let’s get a quick understanding of what is fast charging and how does it work?

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What is Fast Charging and How Does it Work?

This new charging mechanism has trended like fire over the last few years. The term “Fast charging” not just means it charges your device in lesser time than usual but is also associated with a bit of technicality that takes place in the background. In the case of fast charging, your smartphone’s battery derives more voltage power than usual that flows constant electricity to your device’s battery.

What is Fast Charging
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Basically, in fast charging, more voltage is driven to your smartphone’s battery due to which your device is charged in lesser time compared to the normal charging way.

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Is Fast Charging Harmful for your Phone?

No, it’s not! Fast charging is performed in a way that flows constant electric current to your device battery. But yes, in a few cheaper devices, it was seen that the heat which is produced due to fast charging resulted in battery damage. Although, there’s nothing to worry about because a majority of smartphones now come with a safety mechanism. This safety mechanism automatically stops the current flow as soon as the device battery percentage reaches a certain level.

Pros and Cons of Fast Charging

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons that compares fast charging vs normal charging in a more detailed manner.


Pros and Cons of Fast Charging
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Pros of Fast Charging

Saves Time: Undoubtedly, one of the biggest perks of using the fast charging mechanism to charge our smartphone is that it saves a considerable amount of time. Even if your device is drained out completely, you can plug it to power to reach a battery level of almost 50% in just about 20-30 minutes which is a huge benefit.

Safety Mechanisms: As we said earlier, just like the modern-day smartphones and charging mechanisms are being evolved, smartphone manufacturers are playing no gamble to keep our device’s battery health intact. If your phone comes with fast charging support capabilities, it will also include a few safety mechanisms that will protect your device from any internal or external damage.

Pros of Fast Charging
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Cons of Fast Charging

Compatibility: 2020 is here, and even until now, not all smartphones come with fast charging capabilities. Also, to fast charge your device in the most optimum way, it is advised that you should use original accessories of the same manufacturer to which your smartphone belongs, including the lightning cable and adapter.

Heat: In some cases, there might be a possibility where the safety mechanisms won’t support as supposed that may put your phone’s battery in danger. Fast charging is safe, but the heat it produces to charge your device might damage your phone’s battery in some or the other way.

So folks here was a detailed comparison to understand the difference between fast charging vs normal charging so that you can decide which is better and why. We hope with the help of this post; almost all your doubts are cleared about the fast charging mechanism. For any other queries or suggestions, feel free to hit the comment box.

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