Facebook Watch Party: All You Need to Know!

Social media is all about connecting with more and more people. So, here comes one good news for marketers and content curators. Facebook Watch Party is one new feature that will take traditional broadcasting to a whole new level. This feature was already a part of Facebook since a while but it’s now available for people, pages and general audience.

So, before we see how to use Facebook Watch Party feature, first let’s know a little more about it.

What is Facebook Watch Party?

What is Facebook Watch Party

Just how its name implies, Facebook Watch Party allow you to watch videos and stuff, in a group window where you can share your views and talk about it in a chat box. Earlier, this feature was only active in groups but now even individuals and pages can access this for streaming a playlist of videos.

This can really prove out to be a beneficial feature for generating more traffic and user engagement via Facebook—a lot more in comparison to posts. Now, individuals can host their own Watch Party on Facebook, invite a bunch of people and stream engaging content altogether. Facebook Watch Party will allow you to watch, comment, and react to the same moments with your people for a more shared viewing experience impact. Not just comments, you can even express your emotions via emojis if you’re not in a mood to type.

So, it’s basically like watching TV together with your friends and followers where you can comment and interact at any point you like. It’s more like YouTube Live but here you can only watch the videos which are already on Facebook. A lot of media contributors are not willing to share their content on Facebook just for free, which is quite a justifiable fact to understand.

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How to Host a Facebook Watch Party?

Here’s a step by step guide on How to use Facebook Watch Party feature for creating more user engaging content.

Launch Facebook, open the write a new post option and then look for “Watch Party” option.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party

Tap on this option. Facebook will now ask you to add a description related to your content which will go along with your invite to all group members. You can use this description for adding crucial information like at what time the host party will begin, what all content it’ll feature and so on.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-1

Once, you’ve added a description for your Watch Party let’s move on to next level.

You can also change the default name of your Watch Party and edit it with your own personalized text. Once you’re done making all the edits, tap on “Post” to publish your Watch Party.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-2

Before the Watch Party will begin, you will see a big black screen with welcome greetings saying “Your Watch Party is about to begin”.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-3

Now, you need to add videos to your Watch Party playlist queue. You can choose videos from various options including search, suggested, already watched and so on.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-4

When you’re done picking the video, tap the “Add video” button on right.

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Now, tap the blue colored Play Now button to start it. The video will begin playing immediately in your watch party.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-5

Your Watch Party will now be Live, and all your group members will be able to view the content. You can even add more videos to your queue in the meantime.

Facebook also allows you to control the video playback by offering you options like Fast forward, skip videos etc.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-6

While the video is playing on the main screen, you can also interact with your group members via chat box on the right side.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-7

To invite more and more people to your watch party, tap the “+” icon on the bottom left corner of the mains screen.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-8

Use the search box to invite people by tapping the “Invite” button next to their name.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-9

Whenever you feel like ending the Watch Party, all your group members, followers, and community will not be able to comment or view any content. If you want to it anyway, look for the “End Watch Party” option on the right.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party-10

So, folks how did you like this new Watch Party on Facebook? As we’re now through with how to use Facebook Watch Party feature what are your views on the same? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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